Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s relationship has gotten really serious

The relationship between Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner, even though away from the limelight, is flourishing as people close to the couple confirm Things are really serious and the perspective is that of a long term story. Both – who are now spending a few days off Gozer Ranch Golf & Lake Club in Harrison Idaho – They show themselves to be more and more intimate and cooperative And they never miss an opportunity to spend time together. In fact, Just a few days ago, pictures were stolen at a restaurant while they were having dinner, taken in Puerto Rico, The rapper’s country, which has inspired his wife to discover the places she likes the most or even to get to know her family.

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So, skeptics who thought this reunion was a tactful move by mom Kris Jenner to allow her daughter to recover from a fall in popularity caused by some of the comments and attitudes she made with Hailey Bieber need to change their minds. Bunny and Jenner, who started dating in February, have never publicly commented on their relationshipinterpreter of fact titi me preguntoIn several interviews, he has always reiterated the need to keep his personal life to himself and in no way wants it to become a topic of discussion in the newspapers. No wonder, except for a few public events – such as met galaThe Coachella Or Lakers games — they methodically avoid appearing together, paparazzi permitted.

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Some mutual friends introduced the model and the rapper., but the two started dating early in the year, when Bad Bunny decided to move to Los Angeles and buy a house. We’ll just have to wait for the couple’s first social outing, perhaps with a post next Valentine’s Day.

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