Bad Bunny and Shakira might be able to write music together, and the redheads might collaborate together.

PToday it is already a secret that Bad Bunny and Shakira are the most successful singers of the last few years. That is why the possibility that both can achieve joint cooperation has now become known.

This would no doubt be great news for fans of both artists, as it would be an outsider looking to position themselves in a big way. And it is also noteworthy that this was mentioned when less than a week later the name of “Conejo Malo” changed with the release of the studio’s new album “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana”.

In social circles, both performers were seen teaming up for a brief interaction. Analyzing this proposal, fans shared that they do not think this union can happen through a song.

Bad Bunny talks about Shakira and responds to her

But before that, both the Puerto Riqueño and the Colombian live in the present. In this regard, he asked his Benito who could contact him to give shape to a future purchase.

All this came to light thanks to the famous song Bad Bunny, which was included in their recent album. The title “Thunder And Lightning” was received brilliantly not only because of its rhythm, but also because of the song it contained.

“Now men will cry, yes, but silently,” you can hear from Benito in the special rhythm of this courtyard. This will no doubt remind Shakira of her recent successes.

And the Colombian was quick to respond to Bad Bunny: “We’ll do it right now!”, so the fans have a lot of illusions with which they can do something professionally.

Shakira and Bad Bunny’s union continues

As far as I can assess this interaction in social circles, all fans of both artists are united in hope. And they think it would be one of the best news if they could combine their talents into one song, or for that matter, into an entire record.

Even if this was just Shakira’s commentary on Bad Bunny, it’s clear that this could be taken to more as they overlapped at various points, so the most logical thing would be that their plans could create space for something to be created – something she will definitely do. delight to thousands of fans around the world.

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