Bad Bunny Announced a ‘Listening Party’ in Puerto Rico for These Games and It’s ‘Sold Out’ – Publimetro Mexico

The anticipation for Bad Bunny’s new album has led to the announcement of a “Listening Party” for these games in Puerto Rico. Tickets for the event quickly sold out, causing a great stir among the artist’s fans.

Bad Bunny has planned an event that will allow fans to collect the new album before its official launch. Expectations were so high that boletos for the fiesta sold out in record time.

Indeed, in less than two hours all the entrances had disappeared. Many fans have been asking for the opportunity to attend this event.

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Although you expect Bad Bunny to be at the party, you have not officially confirmed your help. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if the singer will appear at the event or if it will be a last-minute surprise.

New album: “Nadi knows how to spend the morning”

Bad Bunny’s next album, Nadie Knows What Goes to Pass in the Morning, will be released on October 13th. The singer kept both most of his collaborations and the titles of the songs included in the album secret, which created an atmosphere of uncertainty.

However, Bad Bunny used social media to play the game and keep his followers on their toes. Through posts on Instagram and messages on the WhatsApp distribution channel, the singer denied or staged conflicting information about the release of the new album.

Additionally, a “game” with advertisements ran through Apple Music shortly after. In this game, fans will guess the names of the songs in the album based on the number of lyrics posted and one lyric as a track.

“The whole world is trying to add, here are the tracks that can be added to the official tracklist,” the artist noted in his publication.

This new album marks the return of Bad Bunny a year after the release of his last work, “Un Verano sin Ti.” The success and awards received with the previous album increased expectations for the new musical project.

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