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It’s Friday, October 13th, and we’re covering this week’s music releases. Bad Bunny has released a new full-length album, TXT’s new album is here and more. We have an exclusive interview with Metro Boomin. Megan Thee Stallion teased her new album and revealed that she is not currently signed to a label. And more!

Tetris Kelly:
Megan Thee Stallion says she is completely self-funded. We spoke to chart-topper and cover star Metro Boomin. Shakira goes in search of answers. We’ll bring you the week’s hottest music happenings and give you new tracks to add to your playlist.

It’s almost the weekend, but first we need to get to Billboard News. I’m Tetris Kelly, today is Friday, October 13th, Jimin’s birthday.

And let’s talk about new music.

Bad Bunny said, “Surprise!” Unnoticed, he gave us “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.”

I had a great time working with Metro Boomin on the Billboard cover, but we talked about a lot more – take a look.

Your Billboard cover shoot, was that your dream? Does this make you feel good?

Metro Bumin:
Yes, he is a blessed man. I’m very pleased to be here. Still surreal.

Tetris Kelly:
And I mean, at our Power Players event, we gave you an award for three albums reaching number one on the Billboard 200. So let’s talk about that success. What do you do so consistently that you continue to top our charts?

Metro Bumin:
It’s true… I feel like it’s caring. Just like caring enough to make time for something where it’s not hard for me to just spend a lot of time if I need to.

Tetris Kelly:
Well, you have so many hits, like whether it’s your hits or other people’s hits that you’ve worked on, you know. “Congratulations”, “Tuesday”, “Jumpman”, what do you think is Metro Boomin’s signature song? What are fans waiting for? What do you close your set with every time you do this?

Watch the full video above!

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