Barbara Boucher, the great actress who wrote a note to Omar Sharif and whom William Shatner despised when he bought her stuffed animal.

Alemana birth, however Italian adoption, Barbara Gacher, known in her works as Barbara Boucher (80) return to Spain after many years to remember her Nosferatu Prize toda a carrera at the 56th International Fantastic Film Festival Catalonia which will take place on October 5th. She is the eldest daughter four guys photographer and actress who were displaced at the end of World War II refugee concentration camp from allied Germany, and from there they jumped to the United States, where they received visas.

Activation guide has begun notice this after 15 years Tras Haber Ganado UN Beauty contest, like those who participated at that time Gina Lollobrigida or Sophia Loren (89). In parallel with the study of dramatic art worked as a seller of zapatos and fried chicken wait until finally, at just 17 years old, he gets a film contract First Victoria (1965), joined by John Wayne and Patricia Neal. Two years later I intervened Casino Royale. Translate a three-part film series I went to Hollywood because it was hard going to castings with hundreds of girls for the sake of a newspaper.

In the image of the finale of the 60s. GTRES

During your stay at Cinema Mecca he fell in love with different stars with which this place took off greatly disappointment. WITH Steve McQueen I lived in a house in Malibu where I always wanted my older friends to eat. As I stated Corriere della Sera“I wanted to cook potatoes, lard, potatoes… I decided for myself. I like it, don’t cook it” and above compromise with Omar Sharif I was surprised that “when I moved to live with him in Paris, I said to myself: “Take care of the house, don’t ask questions, objects…”. But why? It won’t last long because I’ve always played in the casino and I was always at home. In Italy I got into the car, at that moment dejé a note y me fui.” While working on one of the chapters Star Trek,William Shatner (92) – Captain Kirk – began to look after her, but when when if you bought a soft toy in the caravan, where the spell has disappeared.

The only person with one he was at home and spending time with businessman Luigi Borghese, I did this with someone from 1974 to 2006 a fall. The fruit of a relationship born Massimiliano and Alessandro, famous chef and presenter in Italy. Among the three films in the USA that I worked with Shirley MacLaine (89), Tony Curtis or Doris Day I decided to go to Italy. There he turned into one of them queens of Italian erotic comedy where he would appear without shame in the poorest times. I was never considered a shy person and feeling some of the feminine qualities was not a problem, because it was always clear that we were talking about playing a love scene. no one could wear clothes in the bedroom. It is curious that in many of these births the manufacturer was exposed. In 2002 I had an exception: Scorsese (80) participate in it Gangs of New York with Leonardo DiCaprio (48) and Cameron Diaz (51).

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Desde su juventud youvo it is clear that there was no home for her. Therefore, with his usual sense of humor, he stated that “So you can knock on my kitchen, I have no patience and I want it all. Sometimes I think that mi hijo se hizo chef precisely because her mother did not know how to cook.” Her son is so popular that Barbara is called Alessandro’s mother when it used to be él, it was “el hijo de”. Elegant, beautiful and spontaneous, Boucher continues to be one of the women most queridas are from Italy and then showed his love on Cerdenja, the island where he met the best real people of his life with his family. His home is in Rome and actively participates in the public life of the city.


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