Barbie, a parody of the film with Giorgia Meloni and Italian politicians | Wired Italy

There are those who think Italian politics is a joke, and there are those who look at it like a movie. That’s why the parody of Barbie Created with Stable Diffusion by the YouTube channel Ceci n’est pas une AI, it becomes popular online. Mattel doll becomes Georgie (née Georgia Meloni) surrounded by Ken-Matteo Salvini in the new version of the summer blockbuster trailer.

L’alienating effect it is insured. Many of the figures in our local politics march before our eyes as the protagonists of a Greta Gerwig film amid ballets, roller skates and shocking pink convertibles: from Ignazio La Russa Daniele Santanche, passing through Maurizio Gasparri.. However, not only the centre-right; Surprisingly, we also see the appearance of two opposing figures: Ellie Schlein as Gloria—a real-world single mother played by America Ferrera—and Giuseppe Conte-Allan to take Michael Cera’s place in the blockbuster.

And just like the original film, even in the parody it’s impossible to miss the characters. Easter eggs. In this case, however, instead of discontinued Barbies or winking movie masterpieces, the notorious “globe terracotta“said by Meloni after the Cutro tragedy. An exit that the Prime Minister probably doesn’t particularly want to remember.

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