Barbie Girl, Rat Girl or Tomato Girl? When TikTok dictates aesthetics

TikTok is such a popular social network that there is no aspect of our lives that is not controlled by the current social network, so fashion, beauty and even the philosophy of life passes through it. We have already talked about Pratyay on True-News. -Important, which indicates aesthetics and, in this regard, in recent months various trends in the wardrobe of TikTokers have alternated, such as cottagecore, coquette or balletcore. Now let’s see which are the most recent, the major ones in the summer of 2023.

Barbicore trend: meaning, clothing, aesthetics

Already months ago, the announcement of the arrival in cinemas of a film dedicated to Barbie starring actress Margot Robbie exploded the phenomenon of the Barbiecore aesthetic, not only on TikTok. Pinterest has made it known that the topic is literally dying on its boards too: searches for keywords like barbiecore and barbie moodboard have increased by 980% and 1,290% respectively over the past year, bringing with them a whole array of shocking pink glitter nails, barbie makeup looks, pink barbie makeup, barbie afro, barbie-inspired hairstyles, barbie ponytails.

A frenzy involving men and women, VIPs (Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Anne Hathaway) and non-VIPs, for outfits and more: from accessories to cars, from houses to boats, V en Rose in the pop version now dominates. And if it’s not pink, then green lights up to the pastel colors in vogue a few decades ago, the Mattel dolls were so fond of.

a nice nostalgia effect, with Values ​​such as positivity, lightness, femininity and dreams. Because Barbie is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a true philosophy of life. Be warned: This event is called barbicore, not pinkcore. That pink isn’t just a color: It represents empowerment, pride, gender equality,” said Richard Dixon, chief operating officer of Mattel Inc., who is trying to cap off the company on this flashy event.

The Rat Girl trend on TikTok: what is it

If Barbie, at least in her stereotypical version, is overly optimistic, as the film suggests, then the Rat Girls are no different. His philosophy, which has gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks, is a hymn to a carefree life, without too many thoughts. Their summer will be dedicated to good food, outdoor fun and cheery colors rather than being bored or sad at home. To turn into a rat girl, there is a whole range of advice, but first try to understand where this name came from: “rat girl” refers to rodents who roam the streets, regardless of the judgment of people who, in most cases, cannot afford them.

to guide spending advicerat girl summerLola Okola was a producer and screenwriter with millions of views. There are four main points to follow: first, don’t be lazy, or at least allow yourself a maximum of two days a week where you can stay in bed and spend as much time as you want on social media; Second, enjoy food, including junk food, guilt-free; third, give free rein to imagination, eliminate the embarrassment that you feel when you want to do something that seems superfluous; Fourth, don’t think too much, but act on instinct.

tomato girl summer trend on tiktok

Finally, this summer you can choose to join the group of “tomato girls”, ie girls who embody the Mediterranean and romantic aesthetic of the summer of the 50s/60s, inspired by icons such as Sophia Loren, Jacqueline Kennedy, Gina Lollobrigida, or more current divas, but who also embody the same mood well, such as Monica Bellucci or Penelope Cruz. In this case also, “tomato girls” embody a precise aesthetic, but also adhere to a precise philosophy of life, in fact “the sweet life”. For them, summer is a hymn to a slow return to life on a human scale, between barefoot walks on the beach, spaghetti with tomato sauce, swimming in the ocean and hanging clothes out to dry in the sun. vision? Loose and light dresses, shirts with gathered sleeves, bodices, long and flowing skirts, ankle-length trousers. Various shades for red, white, green, blue and light blue, green light in ivory, cream, pale pink and pale yellow.

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