Barbie is us, no one is offended

A real opening of the summer rental, “Barbie” is not just a movie, but an event that imposes clear rituals. Women come to see him in pink, as well as girls and boys. Here is our analysis of the cinematic summer phenomenon and the reasons for our new artistic love.

Myself Pete “Maverick” Mitchell/Tom Cruise Saved the US box office (and beyond) with Ray Bans, a Darkstar plane and a motorcycle racing into the sunset, making it clear that an extension of the film season in Italy is also possible, he is thinking about it Barbie, which continues to record dizzying receipts. And in fact, the total income of the film is more than 18 million euros, while in the whole world we have reached almost 800 million dollars. Maybe Warner Bros. did not expect such a result, even if the sensational advertising campaign that the major had invested in could not fail to bear fruit, and yet it was not obvious that the flagship title of one of the most important distribution houses turned out to be such a gold mine.
It is a fact Barbie, which cost $140 million, has proven to be a bespoke phenomenon from the outset, and therefore must be seen to be able to say, “I was there!” and have a voice in the debate: fully defend the film as a holiday girl power and an invitation to the sisterhood, or calling it “the headmaster’s smug homework that is an undeniable bluff”.

Whatever the correct interpretation, sit in a chair in front of Margot Robbie AND Ryan Gosling it is no longer just buying a ticket, entering the theater and immersing yourself in history. no, a vision Barbie it is an event, an event, a liturgy, a ritual. Let’s start with choosing a room that should be spacious, and it goes without saying that it is better to opt for the original option, because getting lost is a crime. Ryan Gosling/Ken making a stupid voice and laughing almost food. For Greta Gerwig it’s a mixture Marlon Brando, John Barrymore, Gene Wilder AND John Travolta. It rather reminds us Brad Pitt V Burn after reading. Barbie, therefore, needs a worthy embodiment and an equally worthy hearing. And then Barbie it is not an experience to live alone. It is better to take your mother, grandmother, daughter from 8 years old, best friend or a group of friends with you. For God’s sake, never go with your boyfriend or husband unless you want to get into an argument on the way back. We were lucky to enjoy the movie Gerwig in room 5 of the Barberini cinema in Rome (green with sofas) and notice that almost all the women were dressed in something shockingly pink. One girl even wore an all-tulle tutu and platform shoes, almost the same as the ones she wears. Margot Robbie in the middle of the movie. And the best part is that there is none Claire Ferragni for this dress code. Simply put, women could not resist the temptation to pull out of wardrobes and drawers all the clothes and accessories in a wide variety of shades of pink. Nobody thought there were so many of them.

From what we’ve read and heard, even little girls have seen Barbie they chose an outfit to match the movie and that’s because Gerwigwhen he thought of costumes and sets, he wanted to celebrate Greta 8 years, that the brighter, louder and more brilliant something was, the more he wanted it, and if, along with girls and boys, adult women and some elderly ladies also watched the film, this is because Greta Gerwig AND Noah Baumbach (co-writer) wanted to make a film for everyone. That’s why someone might find Barbie a little instructive, especially in the second part, but the director sought to convey his message to the smallest. As for the women who created the “68th”, they will certainly find in dolls made in the image and likeness of newborns that need to be rocked, those toys of the fifties, against which the book scolded. On the side of the girls From Elena Gianini Belottifundamental research into female sexual identity as a result of social education.

Greta Gerwig she is 39 years old and was not born in the 70s, but when she entered the world of show business, she undoubtedly realized that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others,” as she wrote. George Orwelland then she went down the path of independent cinema because the studios weren’t like the yellow brick path where Dorothy walking to get to ouncebut a universe in which men mattered most. Thankfully something has changed to say the least. Jack Nicholsonand it happened after #MeToo, so much so that at the beginning Barbie, Barbieland this is a matriarchal “state”, and it could not be otherwise, since various Ken I got dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber and so on, and the director couldn’t believe her eyes when Warner Bros. gave her carte blanche.

TO Barbieland every night is always the same girls party AND Ken can give meaning to their days at the beach only if Barbie greets him. However, let’s remember that the universe in which the Mattel dolls are at the helm and which the director calls a “dopamine generator” is fake. Barbies don’t drink, don’t eat, don’t breed, and what’s more, they are controlled at a glance by Mattel gentlemen who are in the real world, which means more than on the island of Lemnos, Barbieland it’s small The Truman Show looks like a stairway to heaven in a song Stairs to heavenonly instead of a woman who could follow the piper instead of indulging his desire for wealth, there is a doll that suddenly cries, thinking about death.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise and therefore avoid spoilers, but let’s say that in the real world society is patriarchal, and that Barbie we are saddened because the origin of the toy and its endless variations was the idea to honor the complexity of women and their right to work, to take leadership positions and not think about children first, and indeed in the film we learn that Barbie the pregnant woman was immediately taken off the market because she was unpopular. Before Barbie, girls were given small ironing boards, mini-ovens that can bake cupcakes, and other household appliances or simple items that emphasized the importance of taking care of the house. Even if the first Barbie comes from 1959, all the same, until the end of the 70s, the girls were aimed at the future of housewives, or, in any case, the angels of the hearth. Barbies, on the other hand, have taught us (and are teaching us) that we can be sexy, independent and bold, but above all, happy without even starting a family, and in this Barbie/Margot Robbie not far at all Josephine March From Small womanwhat if Joe suggested that art in the form of writing might be the prerogative of the fairer sex, Barbie it goes further, leaving the excerpt and the Nobel Prizes for women, and the movie even has one Barbie Proustcomplete with “interruptions of the heart.”

How in Small womanWhat Gerwig considers it an “intimate” film, therefore, in Barbie the women’s revolution is going through sweetness. However, this does not mean that the film girls who come to look at it, a mirror that reflects their image of multi-tasking creatures, which should be neither too many nor too few in all possible and conceivable areas. The character is clear about this. America Ferrara, and last night several women who were with us at the cinema applauded his monologue. All the spectators at Barberini’s Sala Atmos were smiling, while the men looked annoyed or puzzled. As soon as the lights came back on after the fantastic end credits, we happened to spot a dozen guys in the last row who were getting really excited about the movie. Of course men don’t look good in Barbie: They are boring, idiotic, competitive and can’t do more than one thing at a time. There is no place for real redemption for them, even if they understand that fragility is not a quality to be ashamed of. Come to think of it, fragility can be sexy too: just look at Ken’s abs.

Coming home from watching Barbie, we thought that women had changed, that they had become more aware of their intellect and therefore became more self-confident and more authoritative. Obviously the character and country of origin are crucial, but it would be very nice if Barbie has become a symbol of a new form of emancipation, a global struggle to be considered equal to men. Barbieand that’s for sure, it’s a film manifesto, the pastel-toned tazebao we need to think about when we allow ourselves to be consumed by toxic or even abusive relationships. It would be great if Barbiewhich makes the seventh eat dust Mission impossible, became the highest-grossing not only of 2023, but of all time. If this happens, it does not mean that “the witches are back”, but that we are united and fierce as ever, and that we will not allow anyone else to tell us: “Shut up, you idiot.”

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