Barbie: Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and… the best songs from the movie

,I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world / life is wonderful in plastic“. It was 1997, autumn, and one afternoon, this little song came on the radio DJ, with a tiny voice, and a simple melody that stuck in our brains. We didn’t know it, but that song, so ironic indeed, we’d heard it everywhere for months. And it’s still stuck in our brains 25 years later. We hoped it would stick in our brains too. barbieThe movie by Greta Gerwig margot robbie And Ryan Gosling, also just hit the theaters in Italy. And that song comes at the end of the movies, above the end credits, in a special version. Barbie Girl obviously part of barbie the albumThe song music Produced by Mark Ronson, the single was expected dance the night away by Dua Lipa. Many songs, among which we have selected the most important ones. And we’ve even included a song that isn’t on the soundtrack, but you can hear it in the movie…

1. Pink (Lizzo)

Margot Robbie Barbie Feet N56Ihq0

Barbie: Margot Robbie’s feet in a scene

it’s a thrilling soulful atmosphere to open barbie, and with waking up in Barbie’s dream house, where everything is pink. And where we see Barbie’s famous arched feet. of course the song is called pinkand the new superstar is assigned lizzo, pink It’s an inspiring soul number, reminiscent of some of the works by Aretha Franklin and other soul artists in the 80s, with her own vocals. ,Pink Goes With Everything (Oh Yeah)/Beautiful from head to toe,Pink Goes With Everything / Beautiful from head to toeLizzo’s song is the best opening of the film.

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2. Dance the Night (Dua Lipa)

barbie 7

Barbie: Margot Robbie in a scene

And it’s up to the new queen of disco, dua lipa, Between the white and gold dresses, the dazzling atmosphere, accompany Barbie in an evening of dance that smells of the seventies and eighties. It’s one of the key moments in the movie, that moment”barbie let’s go party“In which our stereotypical Barbie, who may also be called Disco Barbie here, dances with her friends. But this is where the film first hits and the phrase comes from”.Do you ever think about death?” That changes everything. The round mirrorball turns into the moon, and the evening ends with a charming assembly game. Dua Lipa continues in the style of her album nostalgia for the future and re-proposes an updated version of 70s and 80s pop and disco: his dance the night awayThe first single released from this album, received heavy airplay on all radio stations for several weeks. And Dua Lipa also appears in the film as a beautiful Barbie mermaid. ,Watch me dance, dance all night / My heart may be burning, but you won’t see it on my facesings Dua Lipa, in one of those bittersweet tales that always works in songs.

3.Journey to the Real World (Tame Impala)

barbie 19

Barbie: Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosselin in a photo from the movie

tame Impala His record this year looks set to be pretty good: starring in two of the biggest box-office hits of the year. with them wings of time they were already on the soundtrack Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, real world travel Very curious: eighties, electronic, ethereal. Eighties music has keyboards, rock’s strength, but Tame Impala, once again, manages to lighten up, infusing lightness and lightness into a genre that’s in principle the opposite. a contradiction? No, it’s just a tame impala. The song comes at another key moment in the film, when Barbie and Ken arrive in the real world. And really, didactically, the song is meant to be just that: a trip to the real world. But the film’s editing shows everything about the trip that’s unrealistic: cars, campers, space rockets: all of Barbie’s toy vehicles, more plastic than ever, enter the scene.

4. I’m Just Ken (Ryan Gosling)

barbie 4

barbie: a scene from the movie

This song is sung by Ryan Gosling as Kane. It is a pivotal moment in the film, a real musical in which she dances and sings. It is completely different from all the other songs, being one of those musical songs that starts softly with the sound of piano, and explodes into a symphonic and loud rock moment. music, but also American rock fm of the eighties, and then a more synthetic sound that seems to come from Flash Dance, Even for a moment the scene breaks away from the world of Barbie and becomes the stage for an eighties musical. Gosling dominates the scene, emphatic, funny and dramatic all at the same time. And it’s not for everyone. Heartwarming and hilarious read. ,I’m just Kane / Where I see love she sees a friend,

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5. What am I made for? (Billie Eilish)

barbie 20

Barbie: Margot Robbie in a picture

Another song specially written for the film is billie eilish, what i was made for, released as a single with an accompanying video directed by the artist himself. It is a song that sums up the meaning of the film. ,Think I’ve forgotten/How to be happy/Something I’m not/But something I could be/Something I wait for/Something I’m made for/Something I’m made for,I think I’ve forgotten / How to be happy / Something I’m not / But something I could be / Something I wait for / Something I’m made for / Something I’m made for, what am i made for It was co-written with her brother Phineas, who produced the track at their home studio in Los Angeles. After the Academy Award for Best Original Song won with the film, this is Billy’s new collaboration with the world of cinema 007 – No Time To Die, Like the song that opened the latest James Bond movie, Billie Eilish’s song is intense, ethereal, feather-light and yet intense. A simple base of piano and keyboards, and a singer’s voice that is high, angelic. For a movie like Barbie, a remarkable moment indeed.

6. Speed ​​Drive (Charli XCX)

barbie 10

Barbie: a photo from the movie

there is also charli xcx in the soundtrack of barbie, with a unique blend of sweet punk rock and eighties electronica. His speed drive What’s very special: A very fast beat combined with a melody that appears to be backed by the sound of an old Casio keyboard. Toy keyboard, toy song for toy movie. ,Ah-ah, Barbie / You’re so beautiful / You’re so beautiful you drive me crazy / Jump in the driver’s seat / Speed ​​up” reads the text. And Charli XCX looks great in this movie. She could be our electro-punk Barbie…

7. Spice Up Your Life (Spice Girls)

barbie 18

Barbie: Kate McKinnon in a photo from the movie

It’s not in the official soundtrack, but it’s heard in the movie and we’ll let you know. sometime barbie comes Spice up your Lifeone of the most famous songs of Spice Girls, Do you remember? They were like Barbies, in the sense that each had their own characteristics: Baby Spice, Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Posh Spice, and Ginger Spice. Replace Spice with Barbie and you have a collection of different types of femininity. Spice up your Life This is when conservative Barbie (Margot Robbie) visits Weird Barbie’s home, and learns her story. This is one of those Barbies that has been hurt by a little girl who cuts her hair and paints her face with felt-tip pens. The flashback that tells us all this is a Spice Girls song. It is no coincidence that they are in the film. Margot Robbie said she loved the band. ,The Spice Girls Changed Everything, and Guided My Version of So-Called Second Wave Feminism‘ said the actress.I thought, Wow, they have the sparkly dresses and the push-up bras, but they only care about their girl group. I want one too“. Well, the Spice Girls have inspired a line of dolls. But not made by Mattel…

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8.Barbie World (Ice Spice with Nicki Minaj and Aqua)

barbies 1

Barbie: Margot Robbie in one image

,I’m a barbie girl in barbie world life is fabulous in plastic“. We waited for him throughout the film. And here too Margot Robbie pressed to have him on the soundtrack. And finally it came to the hilarious end credits in which Mattel staged all the products of the story, good or bad. From the first Ken (he’s a doll) to the brunette Teresa, two incredible versions of Skipper, Skipper the Babysitter and Skipper Growing Up, to an absurd Barbie Videogirl. Barbie GirlWhich can’t be missing in a movie like this, obviously rewatched, and the cover is up to the hip-hop stars. Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice: Powerful beats, and steady rapping over the backing track, which is the core of the song Water, Which thus, however, constantly appears in the background, almost hidden. Totally incomprehensible choice. The song is very popular and has a natural affinity for Barbie. It should have been given more importance: we would have gladly heard it in a slower arrangement, highlighting its melody and words, which are by no means trivial. ,You can brush my hair, undress me anywhere / Fantasy, life is your creation / I’m a blonde girl in a fantasy world / Dress me up, make it tight, I’m your doll,

Here is the tracklist for Barbie – The Album:

  1. lizzo pink

  2. dua lipa – dance the night

  3. Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice – Barbie World (with Aqua)

  4. Charli XCX – Speed ​​Drive

  5. Karol G – Watati (feat. Aldo Ranks)

  6. Sam Smith – Man I Am

  7. Tame Impala – Journey to the Real World

  8. Ryan Gosling – I’m Just Kane

  9. Dominic Fike – Hey Blondie

  10. ham – home

  11. Billie Eilish – What Am I Made For?

  12. The Kid LaRoi – Forever and Again

  13. Khalid – The Silver Plate

  14. Pinkpenthres – Angel

  15. Gail – Butterflies

  16. Ava Max – Choose Your Fighter

  17. Fifty fifty feet Kali – Barbie Dreams

barbie 17

Barbie: A Musical Moment from the Movie

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