Barca don’t want Milan waking him from America’s slumber

Barcelona, ​​31 July (European Press) –

In the early hours of Wednesday morning (05:00 Spanish time), FC Barcelona played their final pre-season match against AC Milan at the Allegiance Stadium in Las Vegas, USA, aiming to maintain the continuity of the competition. The classics of the past didn’t wake up from the American dream.

A gastroenteritis outbreak in the squad followed by the suspension of the opening game against Juventus started as a nightmare but ended in a 3-5 loss to Mikel Arteta’s “intense” Arsenal. In the shadows, the game continued, but against Real Madrid, it became the dream and won against their eternal rivals (3-0).

Javi Hernandez’s men want to leave America with a smile on their face. At the moment everything is in balance with a defeat against the Gunners and a victory against the Whites in the “unpresented” scenario, and the balance could fall on either side depending on how they perform against the Rossoneri .

There is no doubt that the focus of Barcelona is Ousmane Dembele. The French winger was the scorer of the opening goal against Real Madrid and is starting as PSG are interested in taking over from him. As of July 31, his release clause is 50 million euros. As of August 1, the number had reached 100 million.

Dembele could be a great absentee against Milan, either because his departure has been officially announced or because he is in full negotiations. Apart from this negotiation, the team seems to be picking up the pace, against Milan, the Rossoneri will experience another high-level duel, because they are in this Copa America game with the smallest score (3-2) Lost to Real Madrid and drew with Juventus (2-2). travel.

Another spotlight will be on Fermin Lopez, the youth team player known for his goals and assists in the El Clasico. He’ll want to repeat his performances, and fans who have just discovered him will also pay attention to the young promise, but this new Barca is Ilkay Gündogan’s team and his landing is very Excellent, or Oriol Romeu’s team, who also surprised those with his volley. Didn’t follow Girona in the last campaign.

A day of testing, continue to pick up the pace, continue to see what level this new Barça project can reach, want to bid farewell to America with victory before returning “home” and moving to Montjuic, if good games are possible, And won’t regret any more unexpected departures.

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