Barry Robson echoes Brendan Rodgers SPFL flu fixture, Aberdeen FC boss points to fixture list and asks “Is this fair?”

Frustrated Aberdeen manager Barry Robson has told the SFL chief they need to do more to help our European representatives.

The Towns boss has seen his side endure a horrific run of games, with four away games following the Europa League group stage and Europa League fixtures. He also pointed to today’s SPFL showcase match, where today’s opponents Hibs have been given an extra 24 hours to prepare for the Viaplay Cup semi-finals at Hampden.

Robson claimed: “We’ve got four away games in Europe and we’ve got a lead at Aberdeen as well. When you look at our schedule, the games we’ve played and the games coming up… but this Great, that’s what we want. We want to be here for all these big games. We want to fight there, but it’s going to be difficult because it’s the first time some of these guys have done it. No need I told the league they should (do more). They should and must.

“Hibs have to play on Tuesday, we have to play on Wednesday and then they let us play on Saturday. Is that fair again?”

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers made similar complaints last month. Robson believes the evidence is there for all to see, as his side have struggled in European competitions.

He admitted: “We knew we were struggling at the back in Europe. West Ham were struggling in Europe. Tactically we were very good and the players’ statistics were very good. It was the emotional aspect that put us in trouble.

“I remember as a player, hearing the Champions League music and then playing the subsequent games was always very difficult. I’ve walked in their shoes and I know how they feel.

“We just have to deal with it better. But tactically the players performed well and hopefully we can do well and deliver tomorrow. “We need to do every little detail to win. “

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