BCG and hexavalent vaccines are no longer used since June

Since June, the different medical units of the Oaxaca State Health Service (SSO) have not been vaccinated with BCG and hexavalent vaccines, which are essential for preventing early childhood diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and polio important.

Like last year, Oaxaca, like most states in the country, is waiting for the federal government to ship new vaccines to start vaccinating newborns and children between 2 and 18 months old.

The entity hasn’t had the vaccines since June, and the hepatitis B vaccine, which they have in low supply, may soon run out, according to some of the health center staff consulted.

The vaccination schedule for ages 0 to 9 years suggests that newborns receive BCG first to protect against tuberculosis, followed by hepatitis vaccine at birth, with a second and third dose at birth. six months old.

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Meanwhile, the first dose of the hexavalent vaccine is given at two months of age, while the second, third and fourth doses are given at four, six and eighteen months of age, protecting minors from six The attack of disease.

Just last year, different health institutions in the state of Oaxaca ran out of these vaccines, although biologics are important in the first months of life.

Health sector workers want the federal government to provide new doses of vaccines, particularly BCG and hexavalent, as soon as possible, especially to support girls and boys without social security.

During the first years of the Covid-19 pandemic, it should be remembered that Oaxaca was one of the states with the lowest vaccination coverage with the basic plan, which most affected children aged 0 to 6 years.

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