Beaches not expected to close

Manuel Baldovinodirector SENASA in Mar del PlataHe said that currently Possibility of beach closures not analyzed This possibility, but at the same time requires “the cooperation of the people”.

“need the cooperation of the populace so as not to approach and let us know,” he said. In response, he reported that mail alert is

“There is no plan to close the beach, but we recommend that if there is a wolf, find another wolf.It has been decided Close South Breakwater, because this is an area with a high concentration of people, and the containment route is also very close. said Baldovino.

“We are working together on all coasts of the country. On August 24th we started seeing positive cases and drew up protocols approved at the international level to take action against these wolves,” he later told Channel 8’s Good Morning mobile program. said in.

This warning is different from what is happening, for example on the coast of the Rionegro. Authorities in the province have ordered the closure of some beaches where dead sea lions are found.

“There were two cases, the suspected living case, and unfortunately the dead case. What we tried was to get people and Pets should not come into contact with these animals to avoid spreading the virus to other parts of the city.It may be zoonotic, which means It can make us sick so we have to avoid thesehe mentioned.

With regard to the positive cases in birds, Baldovino emphasized that “everywhere we found sick or dead wolves, health control area, we saw dead wild birds.It is important to have this control stop the spread the moment No spotlight in domestic area.OIE declares Argentina free of highly pathogenic avian influenza, important to open markets

Regarding the situation of the port workers, SENASA officials clarified that “they are Work normally, take every precaution You must have We had a lot of meetings. If they see sea lions, they have to notify them, remove them and sanitize the area.”



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