Beau Gosse here in Bien Grande

Believe me, through Instagram I’m Complete, Salma Hayek wrote a beautiful message calling for making sure that “the child traveler is not a fashion star.” A handsome man who is becoming a young man!

Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek got married in 2009. Their parents are notified of the ensemble of one of their first daughters, Valentina Paloma, born two years before their union. The PDG of luxury group Kering is also the father of François and Mathilde, neither in 1997 nor in 2001 in their previous marriage to Dorothy Leper. Also Augustin James, nicknamed Augie. A very discreet young man who has top model Linda Evangelista and turned 17 this week.

It’s October 11, 2006, so my parents are even further removed from home. Trust me, beautiful mom Salma Hayek wants to honor him on her anniversary. “Happy Anniversary Augie, you are a blessing in our lives and your special character has made a difference this year.“, declared the Mexican-American-Lebanese actress on her Instagram account, in the legend of the photo of the beautiful gosse – on this page you can see the large size – now also on the side of the video on this page. you will have to jump quickly to arrive on Wednesday from the boat.

It’s completely untouched

Well, it wasn’t until 2011 that the birth of Augustin James became known to the general public, just as Linda Evangelista claimed over $50,000 in monthly food allowance for Francois-Henri Pinault. Here’s what you’ll find on the pages of this article:ALE :”JAND…

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