“Beautiful summer of cinema”, preview under the Mole for the film based on Pavese’s story – Chronicles of Turin

The event is very popular, so in Turin, simultaneously with the world premiere at the Locarno festival, a free screening was organized: “La bella Estate” by Laura Luchetti, adaptation of the novel by Cesare Pavese.will be inNational Film Festival on Friday 4 August at 9:30 pm and then again on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 at 9 pm and then travel all over Italy from the 24th.
“Beautiful summer – director says – a film about a girl’s body that changes and transforms, driven by the desire to exist, to be seen and loved. Ginia, the main character, is a young woman who is so similar to the girl of today, at that moment in life when you become an adult, hold your breath and realize the greatest freedom of choice how to love.

The action takes place in Turin in 1938.: Ginia is a girl who has just moved from the countryside with her brother, works in a fashion studio and dreams of a future full of love and success. But she feels insecure in herself, in her body, in the ability to make people fall in love: when she meets Amelia, more mature and experienced, she feels an irresistible attraction to her and begins to follow her in more “bohemian” circles. cities of Piedmont.

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The film was shot between summer and early autumn 2022 in many locations in and around Turin, such as the lakes of Avigliana and Carignano, which are easily recognizable on the big screen: from the former military hospital near Piazza d’Armi to Piazza Clin, from the arcades on Via Roma to the “double” tower on Via Stampatori, there are many iconic places chosen by the author.
The cast of “La bella Estate” is full of young talents, loved by TV viewers or ready to be noticed: the protagonists are Ile Vianello, who was launched by Alice Rohrwacher as a child. Corpo Celeste and Deva Cassel, daughter of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci, is already a diva even before her debut. On the male front, at least Nicolas Maupas, one of the protagonists of the “Mare fuori” phenomenon, where he plays Filippo Ferrari, Chiattillo, should be mentioned.

Developed with the support of the Turin Piedmont Film Commission – the Piedmont Film and Television Development Fund, “La bella Estate” is about to be shown on the prestigious stage of Piazza Grande in Locarno to a record audience of eight thousand people. The value of Pavese’s literary work makes it a long-awaited title not only here, in the places where it was filmed and conceived, but everywhere: the work done in reconstructing that period, in transforming the written word into images and in returning Turin to the state it was in on the eve of the Second World War, is certainly commendable.
To participate in screenings at the National Cinema, you will need to go to the box office of the cinema to receive a ticket.

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