beauty look at Venice Film Festival 2023

The red carpet of the stars opens the evening of the premiere Venice Film Festival 2023, who will present the film on 30 September Commander Edoardo De Angelis starring Pierfrancesco Favino. Many celebrities, Italian and non-Italian, who captured the attention of photographers with their outfits, complemented by glamorous outfits and hairstyles. In fact, the annual event in the lagoon is not just a show of competing films, but becomes a real fashion event and a platform for fashion and beauty. Between beauty look selected as the best Cosmopolitan Italy also highlighted is that Alessia LanzaQueen of TikTok, one of the most beloved and popular in Italy, and host of the podcast “Thousand pair“. Only 22 years old, makeup and hair chosen by the content creator. For Venice 80 they are among those that best capture the zeitgeist, confirming that young people often know what they are doing. From the hair collected in one of chignon the most fashionable year with the actual return of the atmosphere year 2000 in makeup: that’s why I like the beautiful image of Alessia Lanza.

Venice, Italy, August 30 Alessia Lanza attends the red carpet for the opening of the 80th Venice International Film Festival on August 30, 2023 in Venice, Italy.  Photo by John Phillipsgetti.  Images for Armani Beauty.pinterest icon

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News Alessia Lanza: high and sleek chignon in Venice of the 80s – the dream of generation Z

The beauty of appearance Alessia Lanza To Venice 80 reflects the trends of the moment, abandoning them on occasion, resulting in it seems like a dream. In fact, this hairstyle is the result of months spent collecting. hair Following in the footsteps of the top models, from Bella Hadid, who gave this dainty bun its name, to Emily Ratajkowski. In fact, the tall and elegant chignon dominated TikTok video clips and street style throughout 2023, and who better than Gen Z’s social media queen would reimagine it for one of the year’s coolest events. Bella Hadid’s sleek bun is known for its very tight shape; the front part of the hair, which differs strictly in the middle line, is combed back and only later inserted into the chignon. Tame baby hair and unruly clumps with hairspray, gel and wax sticks.

Venetian 80 celebrity beauty looks: Alessia Lanza eyeliner – 2000

Even as far as makeup is concerned, the beauty of appearance Alessia Lanza V Venice Film Festival 2023 does not disappoint. Simple and natural make-up is emphasized by the new eyeliner. year 2000 and makes the content creator a diva of the early 2000s. The trend is to fill the inner lashes of the eyes with black lines.

Alessia Lanza News: Products that will recreate the 2023 dream beauty look in Venice 80

Straightaway, Cosmopolitan Italy chose several products to replicate the hair and makeup of Alessia Lanza at the first evening of the Venice Film Festival. And dream with us.

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