Beckham: ‘I was a bit worried when Barcelona showed interest in Messi’

Lionel Messi’s first season at Inter Miami has been up-and-down because on one hand The Argentinian star is a fundamental piece that the Herons acquire. First title in its history after defeating Nashville to win League CupThe sad side of the story, however, is that the South Florida club and eight-time gold medalist They missed the playoffs.

After Messi’s first few months as an Inter Miami footballer, as the team enters a period of rest and sabbatical, Herons owner and football legend David Beckham revealed Interviewed by The Timesdespite interest from other teams, how they would handle the arrival of the former Paris Saint-Germain player, Admitting that Barca’s attempts to sign the world champion last summer made him more worried.

“We always knew there would be competition. When Barcelona showed interest in Messi, I was a little worried. It clearly struck a chord with Barca and as we all know, Leo never got the farewell he deserved. That’s why that was the only time I started to worry that I might go somewhere other than Inter Miami. But Jorge, José and I tried our best and later received a call from him confirming that he was coming to the club.” Beckham told The Times.

Likewise, the former England captain recalled that from the day he became co-owner of Inter Miami, Signing Lionel Messi to the club and helping grow American soccer is one of his goals.

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“I’m sure all the owners say this, but, From day one, he (Messi) was my dream player to take to Miami. “I see him wearing our jersey, I see him training and playing, but he still can’t believe we have him on the team,” Beckham added.

Beckham sees Messi following in his MLS footsteps

As he recently told AFP, Beckham and Messi’s plan is for the Argentinian star to make an impact on America’s youth In the long term, continue to promote the growth of American football dreams and achieve the label of a football power.

“I think Leo’s been in the league a lot longer than he’s been playing. We are very interested in retaining him to help attract players and participate in the growth of the club and U.S. Soccer.“I think it’s as much fun for him as it has been for me,” added the former Real Madrid, Manchester United and LA Galaxy player among others.

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