Beetlejuice 2, here are new photos from the set of the film with Jenna Ortega and Michael Keaton

beet juice 2

35 years since the release of Tim Burton’s cult film Beetle Juice, and after an endless series of rumours, the second chapter of this bizarre adventure is slowly taking shape. After confirming the entry of the beautiful Jenna Ortega within the cast, several hours come new pictures from the movie set, From the photos in question, it appears that in the sequel to the 1988 film, we’ll be seeing a scene that may be familiar to anyone who’s seen the first film.

thanks guys we can actually see how A wedding scene was shot during the last filming., as you can see Looks like the character played by Jenna Ortega is about to get married, in a scene that is reminiscent of Lydia’s wedding. The difference from the original wedding is in the color of the bride’s dress. In the case of the interpreter of Lydia’s daughter we are faced with a traditional white dress, while a red dress was chosen for the character of Winona Ryder.

Aside from these visuals, Beetlejuice 2 could prove to be a particularly fun adventure like its predecessor. The same Michael Keaton said in a recent interview with Empire,Beetlejuice is the most fun thing to work with. It’s so funny, so wonderful. We talked about this a long time ago with Burton. We both agreed that if this happens, we will work exactly like the first film. Building everything, literally building everything by hand. it’s great,


Keaton’s words suggest that he will make strong use of practical effects in this second chapter as well. This way you don’t have to rely heavily on digital effects. This selection is no small feat, especially considering the current scenario, and will certainly make it possible to retain the quirky effect that characterized the first film.

But now it’s up to you. What do you think of these new shots? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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