“Being the sexiest man alive? It’s just getting you in trouble!”

After winning the sexiest man of the year title, Chris Evans admitted that the title only caused him problems.

Chris Evans: "Being the sexiest man alive?  It's just causing you trouble!"

Chris Evans he revealed that he asked his friend and colleague for advice Paul Rudd to understand how to deal with the proclamation of sexiest man in the worldaccomplished by the magazine People.
The Ant-Man star has in fact won the title before him and, during an appearance on the talk show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the former Captain America admitted that the situation is not the simplest.

Speaking to Fallon, Chris Evans laughingly admitted that he brought the matter up with Rudd because they are in the same fantasy football league: “They bully you and it almost seems… All the title does with your life is make you have a hard time, you know? No one on the street says to you, “‘Hey! You know what? You did it!’. No, they just piss you off“.
In November People had proclaimed the actor, soon to star on screens with the film Ghosted, then recalled how he had written that it was almost impossible to inherit Paul Rudd’s legacy. In the post in which he announced that he had been chosen, Chris had however assured that he “would have done him better than him”.
The star has now reiterated: “And it’s true. Being his successor in almost every way is difficult, don’t you think?“.

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The film Ghosted, arriving on Apple TV+ in a few days, was directed by Dexter Fletcher and the two protagonists Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, together on set for the third time, were involved as executive producers in collaboration with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, former authors of Deadpool.

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