Belinda sparks publication controversy ahead of Christian Nordahl’s daughter’s birth

Belinda Secret publication shared before baby’s birth Christian Nordahl and KazooOn September 14, he became a parent for the first time.

Through her official Instagram account, the “Sorry” singer was once again in the spotlight when she posted a cryptic picture and video that had 3 of her fans reacting.

That was September 13th, when Belinda A mysterious photo was released, in which he is wearing a white shirt with “One Piece” protagonist Luffy printed on it. Christian Nordahl He claims to be a fan and even got a tattoo of a character from the Japanese manga.

Belinda shares mysterious photos of Nordahl’s daughter before she was born


“Heroes? No, we are pirates! The bravest ones are not the ones who win the most battles, but the ones who truly face their fears,” Belinda wrote, referring to the philosophy used by Luffy.

September 14th, my daughter’s day Christian Nordahl, Belinda He shared a video of a scene he performed in the children’s soap opera “Aventuras en el Tiempo.”

In this scene you can see the artist’s jealousy towards the protagonist of Time Adventures played by Christopher Uckerman.

“Some things never change in this life!! Jealous of me???? 😂😂🤣🤣 a little toxic,” wrote Belinda, who sparked controversy over whether she was jealous of Christian Nordahl’s happiness. Nordahl realized one of his greatest wishes, which was to become a father.

Belinda reveals her feelings after being asked about Christian Nordahl’s children

A few months ago, Belinda revealed her feelings after being asked about Christian Nordahl and Kazoo’s children.

“Having a child is always a huge blessing,” the singer said when asked about the news that her ex-fiancé and current partner Kazoo is expecting their first child.

Belinda He used the cameras present to send a message to the media, as it had been more than a year since he ended his relationship with Nordahl and he did not want to comment on the life of his ex or anyone who belonged to him. past.

“I ask you to stop asking me questions about my past, it’s really annoying because life happens and everyone has their own life and out of respect for the new family I believe I don’t have to talk about anyone and I hope” The best for everyone, the baby is a blessing, a joy, so I won’t respond to that anymore, I wish you the best,” he said.

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