Belpietro: “We are destroying the auto industry.” That’s why and what the banks have to do with it – MOU

Are we really killing the auto industry? In the face of growing competition from China in the market, the loss of Western automakers may very soon turn into a reality. Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Management Board of BMW: “The base car segment will disappear, or at least it won’t exist anymore…”

THATjournalist Maurice Belpietro published on Is it true an article in which he talks about the beginning of the manifestation of the former consequences from green transition for the automotive industry. skirtsSwiss bank, invites depositors sell own securities, as he considers it too risky to keep them in the portfolio. Volkswagenin fact, may see her profits fall fifty percent in both Chinese competition growing and in line with market trends. Similar dynamics for Renaultone of the automakers most at risk losses. What does all of this mean? What many companies in the industry are likely to face financial crises: so the heart of European industry could jam. Pessimistic forecasts, although many seem to think the same, including industry leaders.

ORZipse liverchairman of the board of directors of the company bmw: “The base car segment will disappear, or at least no longer be dominated by European manufacturers.” In other words, the phasing out of petrol and diesel cars is nothing but a big gift to China, Korea and India, which, as a result, is killing The Western Automotive Industry Favors the Eastern. China, according to Financial Times, is the world’s largest car market, and it’s getting more and more violent. Maybe we’re going to declared suicide?

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