Benjamin Mascolo in Le Iene: “Having hit rock bottom, I built my rebirth”

“That night was the last night I took drugs.” Benjamin Mascolo, singer of the former duo Benji and Fedelast night, at Hyenastouched the audience with a monologue in which he traced the moments when he decided to take control of his life “after hitting rock bottom.”

“478 days have passed since I built my rebirth step by step. Quitting substances was only the first because I used them to fill a void that only became apparent later,” recalled Benjamin Mascolo, who also left behind his relationship with American actress Bella Thorne. “June 18, 2022 at 4:30 am I lay on the floor and looked at the wall, I hit rock bottom. I was sure that no one would come to save me, because that night was the last time I took drugs. The next day, before my 29th birthday, I decided to get sober, I’m putting my mental health first.because to feel good on the outside, you need to feel good on the inside.”

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He understood that it was time for change. That he still has a chance to do this. “We must remember that as long as we are breathing, we can make our life a masterpiece. How I became closer to my family. I decided to be whole, go back to respecting my word. When you suffer, you fuel your anger and think that you are surrounded by traitors, people who are close to you only if the wind blows in your favor, but the harsh truth is that if those who pull you towards them and do not love what you steel, it’s only because they want more for you.”

Benjamin Mascolo also confirmed the importance of the ability to ask for help: “This is what I realized at the most difficult moment of my life, I realized that it is easy to die, but it is difficult to begin to truly live. And do it you must ask for help, you must find strength in yourself and in the people you care about. You must try with all your might to rewrite your next page, even if it means tearing it a thousand times.”

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