Benjamin Mascolo on drugs and his relationship with Bella Thorne

Benjamin Mascoloformer soloist of the duo Benji & Fede, said in a podcast interview Againtalking about his music career, ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne and the reasons that pushed the couple to separate, as well as his experience of communicating with drug abuse.

To the microphones Luca CasadeiMascolo told how success led him to Burn out: “On the one hand, I am living a dream, on the other, I am giving up a normal life. (…) My body begins to ache, plaques appear in my throat. Every two weeks I start a course of antibiotics. I didn’t understand why I kept getting sick

In addition, disagreements with a colleague Federico Rossiwhat led them to the decision disband the group: “I tried to find a place for myself in the group as a vocalist, but Fede did not agree with me starting to sing.

I hope one day we can make music together again. He is a special person, I owe him a lot. Without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I love him with all my heart even if we fought.

He then shares a few words about his relationship with his ex Bella Thorne. These two were known in 2019on Instagram: “We fall in love, for the first time I felt an understanding of the problems associated with fame.” But in the end problems due to distance they weighed:

In America, she was often alone and suffered greatly from loneliness, so there were many hours of phone calls in which she cried and told me: “I am alone.” One day he asks me if he can go on a date with a girl. At this moment I say yes (…) There was a period when she went with other girls while I was in Italy. Then it so happened that we had sexual relations with other girls. At first you think: “How cool. I am engaged, in love and, moreover, sleeping with other women: models, actresses…” (…) I did not realize that this was gradually destroying our intimacy.

For a while these two were one. open pair. What, however, has created problems to the singer: “This made the relationship toxic, largely my fault. I felt like a kid in a chocolate factory, so I ate everything. We’ve gone through our very intense lifestyle” Then there was a couple broke up in the summer of 2022after three years of relationship.

Finally, let’s talk aboutdrug abuse: “I started using amphetamines and methamphetamines, and took psychedelic mushrooms two to three times a week.“, explains. “Bella told me: “Until you solve your problems with drugs, we will no longer be able to live together” (…) Many times I was afraid of dying. I almost died from an overdose“, continues. But fortunately, Benjamin Mascolo he managed to get out: “I have been sober since June 19, 2022. Right choice“, he concludes.

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