Benjamin Puckey, who did Rania of Jordan makeup, reveals the rules of radiant makeup

Just take a look at her Instagram feed to understand that Benjamin Puckey he is not «just» a make-up artist, but he is the make-up artist of the stars. Emma Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman… he even made up there Queen Rania of Jordan. Different beauties and the same radiant complexion, Benjamin’s stylistic signature. When he uses brushes and colours, he seeks naturalness enhanced by the glow he creates with satin and glowy textures. Not just to cover, but to discover the harmony of every face.

We met him in the city of Versailles, where the glow of leather has its objective correlative in the golden finishes, during the exclusive event of Clé de Peau Beuté, the luxury brand of the Shiseido group of which he is Global Color Director.

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What’s your secret to makeup that exudes radiance?
«After preparing the skin with the skincare routine, I apply the primer which smoothes and creates a flawless base for the make-up. Then I blend the foundation with the brush, the concealer under the eyes to cover any shadows, imperfections or discolorations, and a touch of color on the cheeks to add luminosity to the complexion. I recommend choosing a shade of blush in line with your complexion and applying it high on the cheekbones: I think it’s the most modern way to use a classic product like blush. To add an extra dose of glow, I use Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancer which contains opal powder, the stone of iridescent refraction. I apply it to the highest points of the face, such as the cheekbones, browbone and bridge of the nose».

You mentioned Clé de Peau Beauté concealer, launched in 1991, reformulated and improved several times, contains skincare actives and is the most used backstage, the product all make-up artists trust…
«Yes, it’s a very moisturizing concealer, with high coverage but it has a very light texture that blends into the skin and has a slight matte finish. All the actresses I work with use it, often it’s the only make-up they wear on their days off».

How do you make her up for the red carpet?
«The make-up for a red carpet must stand the test of time, the high intensity of the lights and close-up shots. Camera flashes can make a face look very flat without makeup, so I work on the architecture of their face: the eyebrows, the eyes, the bone structure and the shape of the lips. I always try to create a flawless and radiant complexion, while enhancing the natural features. I customize the make-up according to their style and the dress they wear».

Do you have a memorable beauty moment?
“When I worked with Uma Thurman on Oscar night 2022. Her dedication and kindness impressed me.”

In your opinion, what is the current make-up aesthetic, if there is one…
“There’s definitely a lot of emphasis on natural, glowing skin. Personally I love the dewy skin effect, the opaque skin emphasized by the highlighter placed in strategic points. Eyeshadows come in a lot more muted, neutral shades, but also fun colors like pastels, corals, greens, and baby blues. Shimmer textures are also trendy. Eyeliners are always a must, especially when paired with softer eyeshadows, contrasting with well-defined lashes. Softer looking brushed brows are taking the place of bold brows. The blush, as I said before, is the final touch that gives the complexion a brighter finish, and I recommend applying it high on the cheekbones. Finally, the lips can be nude or in statement colors, but I also love when the color is blended from the center of the lips towards the outline».

We talked about trends, but what is the creative source from which you draw inspiration?
«I am very inspired by cities like New York, where I have now lived for 14 years. It’s very colorful and vibrant with so many different types of people. I often travel to Paris for work, which is always inspiring with its beauty and culture. Tokyo conquers me with its urban landscape, technology and innovation and the great fashion streets. Last year I went on vacation to the Atacama desert in Chile, surrounded by the purest nature and the most amazing colours: that landscape really inspired me».

Is makeup art or part of everyday life?
“Both. Make-up has the ability to enhance one’s natural features, correct imperfections and create unique looks that can be seen as works of art. Whether it’s avant-garde or natural makeup, it always has the power to transform and inspire. At the same time, it is also an essential part of many people’s daily routines. It can be used to improve confidence, increase self-esteem and to present a style in line with one’s personality and aesthetic tastes».

What are the beauty tools you can’t do without?
«High-quality brushes are essential for a well-done make-up, then the powder sponge with which I fix the base, an eyelash curler and a detergent to clean the brushes».

What can’t be missing in an everyday make-up?
«The concealer, which is the essential tool to cover dark circles and imperfections, the mascara to open up the eyes and make it look more awake and a lip tint, the product that gives power to the make-up. A coat of lipstick instantly brightens the complexion and gives color to the face, it’s a magical product! The 103 Legend Of Rouge lipstick by Clé De Peau Beauté is the perfect shade of red because it adapts to any complexion thanks to the perfect balance between cold and warm tones ».

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