Benjamín Vicuña reminds Blanca a month on the 11th anniversary of her death

Buenos Aires -. September 8, 2012 Live benjamin camel hair and pampita Changed Forever: Her Daughter white 6-year-old girl dies suddenly from hemorrhagic pneumonia chili After a few days in the hospital. Since then, both her father and mother have honored her with various tributes.

One month after the eleventh anniversary of Branca’s death, benjamin camel hair He surprised his followers with an image never seen their stories InstagramThe actor shared a touching postcard in which the little girl can be seen cradling her newborn brother Beltran. “B and B,” the artist wrote in the post.

Last April, benjamin camel hair He published his first book, titled Blanca, the Girl Who Wants to Fly – Ten Actions to Prevent Oblivion. “Here I present my book. I hope this story will serve and accompany the many who look to the sky day and night, with more questions than answers,” the actor wrote.This also has a foreword from the psychologist Gabriel Rollon.

Benjamín Vicuña reveals how the first few nights of Blanca’s absence were spent

At the time, fragments of the book were also leaked, including benjamin camel hair about his life pampita First night without Blanca. “Caroline wakes up every night desperately asking where her Blanquita is. He’ll get up, walk down the corridor, and go to his room. I’m like a desperate lioness looking for her”, the actor Said.

benjamin camel hair He also spoke of Blanca’s premonitions in the final days of her life: “The last trip was to Mexico. I posted a video of that time on Instagram in which she said: ‘I want to fly.’ “After that happened, a guy dropped things and now I think he told me to my face that he wanted to fly. Said it was an ad.”

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