Best home remedies for cough that are quick and effective

this cough This is a reflex that keeps the throat and airways open breathe. Although a cough can be annoying, it can still help Body cure and protect yourself Entry of new viruses.

this cough possible acute or chronic.An acute cough begins suddenly and shorter duration of 2 or 3 weeks. Acute cough symptoms are those that begin with: coldinfluenza or acute bronchitis.chronic cough hard more than 2 or 3 weeksThe reason is due to chronic bronchitis, asthmaallergies or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In addition to seeing a doctor and starting antibiotics, people with coughs often take hot infusion Reduce throat inflammation and improve symptoms. The editor below will introduce to you what medicine to take for cough:

  • Marshmallow Root Infusion

How to stop a cough quickly and effectively

this cough For both children and adults, it can be very annoying and may take several days to completely go away.

Experts recommend a series of Habit At this time Calm your cough and feel better.

inside night, When this symptom is most noticeable, it’s best to sleep on your side.Recommended to take during the day infusion Hot and execute water vapor.

In addition, it is also important to keep the room clean. airy And at the right temperature.Another useful suggestion is to use baking soda Or use water and salt

How to stop a cough quickly and effectively

What home remedies to use to treat cough

this Honey and mouthwash salted water yes home remedies most popular cough. this herbal medicine Medications can also help relieve this symptom and improve healthy.

this Minthe ginger, thyme, turmeric or marshmallow rootOr what is most commonly used to consider infusion due to its characteristics recovery Helps remove cough and calm the pain throat.

What to eat when coughing at night

this cough It is perceived more at night and is very noticeable often inside people Who suffers from it.According to experts, when we stretch in bed, mucus nasal Can easily pass through the back and end up at pharynx and larynx, further stimulating cough receptors.

It is recommended to eat something at night to relieve this symptom hot infusionpossibly from certain herbs, and sleep in 45 degree To expel phlegm from the nasal cavity.

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How to use onions to relieve cough

to alleviate cough There is a technique that many people use at home. It only requires one onion.

The first thing you should do is cut it half and then leave under the bed People suffering from this cough.This food creates an environment wet Its properties will be inhaled A feeling was quickly reached comfort.

this is a remedy simple Although the aroma is not the most pleasant, it does not require any further complication.

this HoneyHas anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to defend the immune system and also works with onion learn more result.

you want to cut slice andn frying pan, place two spoons honey and leave boil good time. After filtering the water, you can drink the resulting syrup like any other infusion.

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