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While countless fans view Halloween as an opportunity to dress up as their favorite musicians, the holiday is a chance for those same celebrities to be someone else, if only for a night.

Perhaps that’s why so many pop stars love to go all out on October 31st every year (well, that and the disposable income they can use to invest in the best makeup and costumes). Many musicians even do full-on photo shoots to show off their spooky seasonal looks, much to the delight of their followers.

And, like everyone else, famous musicians have different tastes in costumes. Some prefer bold and sexy, some prefer silly and playful, and some gravitate towards the super scary rather than the cute and cute; someone chooses a simple and quick option, while others believe that the more detailed and thoughtful the better. The examples on this list alone range from hyper-realistic cartoon characters to politicians, horror movie protagonists, and children’s book villains.

However, the best examples of Halloween costumes worn by musicians may be those where famous singers and songwriters dress up as their favorite artists, be they modern peers or legendary Hall of Famers. Ciara, for example, has dressed like everyone from Selena Quintanilla to Janet Jackson to Cardi B, and Harry Styles’ most iconic Halloween costume must have been his homage to Elton John’s Dodger Stadium look, but more on both of them later.

Keep reading to see BillboardMusicians’ favorite Halloween costumes from the past few years featuring Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and more.

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