Best tips for cleaning mirrors without leaving marks and preventing fogging

Tips for cleaning mirrors without leaving tracesPixar

One of the hardest parts of the house to clean is the mirror..This task can be difficult because Almost always leaves some marks and may even tarnish. The solution to this problem is not to use too many products, but to use the right technology. Additionally, there are some tips to improve your results.


it’s an open secret The best tool for this kind of cleaning is not a rag, but a newspaper.The advantages of this material are Will not release lint on problematic objectswhether we’re talking about mirrors or other types of windows, glass or delicate surfaces where we don’t want to leave imperfections.

Best Tips for Cleaning Mirrors

Not all cloths are suitable for cleaning glass and mirrors.

The best advice is to find the perfect combination.This includes Water, mirror-friendly soap…and white vinegar. This is the secret “ingredient” to improved cleaning efficiency.Next we must Soak a newspaper with this combination to clean the surface, then turn another page to dry.

If you don’t have vinegar or the smell is inconvenient, There is another less effective but potentially useful element: lemon juice. on the other hand, To remove the toughest stains, you can choose a microfiber cloth.. You can moisten them with alcohol and wipe them off without leaving marks or lint.

There’s more: And there’s more Tips to prevent mirrors from fogging up.This includes Apply shaving foam to the surface and clean with a cloth. In the moments after this process, no mist is produced, so you can calmly shower with hot water and see a pristine reflection when you come out.

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