Beyoncé during the show in Atlanta: “I love you, Lizzo!”

Beyoncé re-inserted Lizzo into the remix’s lyrics. Break My Soul (The Queens Remix). The star also saluted her during the last of three performances at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium during her Renaissance Tour.. This is the first time Beyoncé has shown her appreciation for Lizzo since three former dancers filed a lawsuit against the latter a few days ago.

“Lizzo. I love you, Lizzo!” Beyoncé screamed as she performed a song in which she lists a number of legendary artists. In fact, Bessie Smith, her sister Solange, Erica Badu, Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, and many others are mentioned along with Lizzo.

Video of Beyoncé saying goodbye to Lizzo

Last week, a lawyer representing the three dancers said: “Since we filed the lawsuit, we have received at least six inquiries from other people with similar stories.” It’s been a little over two weeks since the former dancers sued Lizzo. This is the charge that he was forced to touch other naked dancers during a live sex show.

The complaint was filed on behalf of dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez and concerns alleged harassment that took place between 2021 and 2023. Here is Lizzo (Melissa Jefferson) and her Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc. accused of a wide range of offenses, including racial and religious discrimination. According to the prosecution, Lizzo’s lead dancer, Shirlene Quigley, allegedly imposed her religious beliefs on the plaintiffs and committed repeated acts that caused them discomfort. She even went so far as to comment on their virginity and fake banana oral sex in front of them.

Lizzo denied the initial allegations in an Instagram statement in which she wrote that they were “false” and “sensational”. The star added, “I am not the monster that the media has portrayed in the last few days. I’m very open about my sexuality and self-expression, but I can’t accept or allow people to use that openness to make me look like someone I’m not.” Lizzo also added that allegations that she and her company have created a hostile work environment are “completely unbelievable and outrageous and will need to be dealt with.”

Beyoncé to play Lizzo again in ‘Break My Soul’

Beyoncé deliberately left out Lizzo’s name from the live performance of the remix. Break my soul during the August 1 show in Massachusetts, instead repeating Erica Badu’s name four times. It is reported that Beyoncé returned the singer’s name to the song at a concert in Maryland on August 7. Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, said the apparent omission of Lizzo’s name was not intentional. In fact, the singer also did not name former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland that evening. The fans themselves noted that not all the names in the remix are included in every performance.

Lizzo has remained out of the limelight since the lawsuit was filed. This year’s Made in America festival, one of his few scheduled shows, was canceled last week. The event was scheduled to take place in Philadelphia on September 2 and 3. The organizers unexpectedly canceled the festival, which was also supposed to be the headliner of SWA, due to “serious circumstances beyond the control of the production.”

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