Beyoncé’s golden gesture to save a Nigerian restaurant in London

They reported that Beyoncé has donated £8,000 to Nigerian tapas restaurant forbes, The famous singer’s golden gesture is part of a million dollar pledge to support businesses owned by black entrepreneurs globally.

Beyonce donates £8,000 to Nigerian tapas restaurant

Chuku, which bills itself as the world’s first Nigerian tapas restaurant, has been chosen as one of ten small London businesses to receive £8,000 (about $10,000) of funding from BeyGOOD’s charitable initiative Has gone.

Despite earning numerous five-star reviews since opening its doors in early 2020, Chuku has overcome many challenges. Not just the multiple Covid-19 lockdowns, but also the ongoing cost of living crisis, to name a few.

BeyGOOD’s financial growth is a lifeline for co-owners Emeka and Ifeinwa Frederick. Indeed, charity will allow them to move forward with more confidence in a difficult business landscape.

,I still can’t believe Beyoncé endorsed our restaurant, it seems a little unrealIfeinwa says. ,We’ve already felt his influence when he was in town and audiences chose Chuku for their pre-concert meal, but this is a whole different level,

First words from the restaurant’s co-owners

Chuku was one of 500 London-based businesses that applied for a grant from BeyGOOD’s Black Parade Route Impact Fund, making the award even more significant for Fredericks.

,Receiving a grant like this is truly inspiring and can have a positive impact on helping you move forward given the challenges we face after first opening up four and a half weeks before lock-down.Ifeinwa says.

His brother and co-owner Emeka has seen the devastating impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on Chuku. And he said that “We never had the opportunity to build a strong financial or business base,

The Frederick brothers also highlighted the wider hardships Chuku and other companies are facing in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Challenges include supply chain disruptions, rising operating costs and a nationwide shortfall on disposable income.

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