Beyond Kefir and Yogurt

Not only do we inhabit our own bodies, Millions of microbes roam the skin, mouth, genitals, and, of course, the gut. Without a doubt, the community gathered in the last institution is the most popular in recent years. The latest scientific research has found that the intestinal flora is not only related to digestion, but also to the immune system. Even in a bad state, the risk of depression will be greater.

So, we all know what probiotics and prebiotics are.first the promised food Increase the population of microbes in the gut, such as yogurt or kefir. The latter are basically high-fiber foods and thus serve as food for these old and new microbes. However, there is a third category that is currently lesser known but is increasingly studied: epigenetic element.

What does this unknown group consist of? Postbiotics are substances produced by microbiome bacteria after they degrade the fiber-rich foods they eat. Although their names are unfamiliar to many of us, These substances are fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids.Of these substances produced by gut bacteria, the most prominent are butyratea short-chain fatty acid with several health benefits.

unknown substance

“It acts as fuel for the gut cells themselves and has been shown to increase the gut’s resistance to pathogenic microbes, in addition to reducing inflammation and improving the overall health of the microbiome,” said the paper in the Spanish newspaper The article explains. “Butyrate is the superpower of your microbiome. It is one of the products it produces, which is vital to every aspect of our health,” the article was taken from Washington post. The American newspaper also pointed out that butyric acid can interfere with the brain and reduce hunger.

Anyway, this is not the only epigenet that exists, there are many more well known ones such as lactic acid or acetic acid, Typical food fermentation process. Therefore, one of the keys to providing enough of these substances in the diet is to add probiotics and prebiotics to the diet, which are already working in the gut.In this sense, a good choice might be sauerkraut We can prepare this at home and provide the positive bacteria and the fiber they need to survive.

(Dr. Guarner explains how we’ve disrupted the microbiome over the past 150 years)

Anyway, as explained in the same article Washington post, Spain has some very popular foods that naturally contain postbiotics. That is, they enter the body directly from food without the need for bacteria to first be produced in our gut. These are coffee, chocolate and certain types of tea. “They don’t contain live bacteria, but contain postbiotics, This may be partly responsible for its beneficial effects.

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Due to the benefits observed in consuming these postbiotics, Supplements of these substances have been produced. Regardless, it is considered better and less expensive to increase the proportion of these compounds through the diet.In this sense, the North American portal Healthline Included are two scientific studies that observed certain benefits of consuming postbiotic supplements in boosting the immune system.

The first was a 12-week Japanese study involving 80 older adults who took daily postbiotic supplements. “It has been observed that Reduce the risk of respiratory infections and improve the ability to produce antibodies This helps protect the body from harmful bacteria and toxins,” they explain in the book Healthline.

The second study, also conducted in Japan, involved 300 older adults for 20 weeks who were divided into three groups: a group that received a placebo, a group that received low doses of postbiotics, and a group that received high doses of postbiotics .purpose is to observe What would be the consequences of taking these compounds daily to prevent the common cold?. “At the end of the study, those taking the low and high doses of the postbiotic had significantly fewer colds compared to the placebo group.”

Healthline Studies supporting the effectiveness of these products produced by gut bacteria are also compiled Reduce digestive symptoms such as chronic disease and intestinal inflammation, Prevention of diarrhea and other treatments such as treating allergies and even preventing tumors.

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