Bia talks about collaborating with ‘legends’ Timbaland and Busta Rhimes

Rapper Bia, in an interview recently published by Billboard News, spoke about the extraordinary collaboration she had with two cornerstones of hip-hop/R&B music, Timbaland and Busta Rhymes. In fact, the artist worked with Timbaland on the recent single “I’m That Bitch” and with Busta Rhimes on “Beach Ball” last month.

Regarding Timbaland, Bia says, “Timbaland is so legendary, he’s had so many hits, and being in the same room with someone like him who has such a catalog, you can only learn from them,” he said. “Aaliyah is actually one of my favorite artists of all time, so just being in the room with him, just seeing what he thinks of my music. I played him my album and he loved it. It’s literally surreal, all the people, who I admire the most, always hug me, show me so much love and help me become the artist I am today. I feel lucky to be here.”

In regards to collaborating with Basta, Bia revealed that she was approached about the opportunity because he specifically had her in mind for this song: “Basta and I wrote this song a few months ago, he called me and said, ‘Listen , Bia, I have this song.” Only your voice should play this part,” so I immediately went into the studio and did it. And to perform with Basta during Hip-Hop 50 … it’s crazy. It’s unreal.”


Biapseudonym Bianca Michela Landrau, American rapper and singer. She began releasing self-produced and freestyle tracks on YouTube, where she was spotted by rapper Fam-Lay, who in turn introduced her to Pharrell Williams. In 2014, he signed to Williams’ I Am Other label as part of a partnership with RCA Records and began collaborating with the likes of T.I., Jennifer Hudson and Usher. On May 14 of the same year, he released his first mixtape. #Cholaseason. At the same time, he participated in the reality show hip hop sisterhoodwhich airs on the Oxygen channel, where she participated in the cast for the first two seasons.

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