Bird Box: Barcelona Netflix Movie Review

It was 2018 when it debuted on Netflix. bird boxes, horror/thriller movie Sandra Bullock and quickly became one of the most important on-demand streaming platform names. The story centers on an invasion – presumably aliens – of creatures whose sight has caused people to commit suicide. A theme that has already been treated in the cinema by M. Night Shyamalan with And the day has come. Thus, the heroine of Sandra Bullock was forced to move in a world that had become dark, forced to hide her eyes behind a bandage so as not to become a victim of creatures who staged a kind of apocalypse. Now, always on Netflix, a spin-off is coming Bird box Barcelona, film with spanish star Mario Casas, change of point of view.

Plot Bird box Barcelona

Mario Casas plays Sebastian, a man who roams ghostly Barcelona with his daughter Anna (Alejandra Howard), wearing dark glasses covering the face. However, the viewer needs very little time to understand that Sebastian is not such a survivor as everyone else: he can look at creatures without feeling the urge to commit suicide, and indeed, in looking at them, he sees something angelic and saving. It is for this reason that man does not hesitate to give into the hands of poor innocent beings who trust him. However, meeting with Claire (Georgina Campbell) and little Sofia (Nailya Shubert) will change Sebastian’s priorities and allow him, perhaps for the first time, to truly open his eyes.

A film that only works halfway

Born as a Spanish offshoot of the main movie and with an ending hinting at the possibility of a further reading of this apocalyptic invasion, Bird box Barcelona it’s a film that isn’t entirely successful. The main reason is that the film, directed by Alex and David Pastor, somehow “betrayed” the soul of the original film. The film of 2018 could be considered a real horror, where in the unknown and in the darkness lurked the expectation of something terrible that could not be looked at. In this sense, the film with Sandra Bullock was a modern rethinking of the most classic horror films, where fear was hidden precisely in the invisible, in that corner of the picture where you, the viewer, know that Evil is hiding, but you are not able to see, understand, perceive it. and so fill the picture with their own fears, creating a kind of chain reaction that led to the success of numerous films of this genre. Bird box BarcelonaHowever, this is a film that decides to change the rules: if the first film focused on an external threat, on an alien element destroying humanity, then the Spanish film’s camera focuses on an internal threat, on an individual corrupted by false prophets. and false promises, where post-traumatic stress turns even the most obedient person into a bloody traitor. The reading is not trivial, but somehow it does not fit with the dilogy, as if a completely different story is being told.

And Bird box Barcelona must necessarily be the same as the film that preceded it, but the change in the narrative axis is so quick and sudden that it can leave the viewer not only confused, but also without interest in what he sees on the small screen. The film’s reflections on faith and religion, on the human need to find a higher and more mysterious plane, in order to give a noble explanation for what seems irrational and frightening, are interesting. The Spanish film explores false prophets, the fanaticism of religious sects, the ability of certain secrets to manipulate the fragile mind of a desperate and destroyed humanity. But this reflection, which is non-trivial in films of this type, turns out to be inserted into the script, as if it wants to tell a different story, and being unable to do so, it was decided to insert this twist into the plot in Bird box Barcelona. If the first movie was about don’t watch it’s about choice doubt what you see. Sight is always at the center of the story: in 2018 it was the means by which one was killed, in 2023 it becomes the means by which others are killed, in the hope that faith can fulfill the promises made.

An entertaining film that provides various interesting food for thought

So ultimately Bird box Barcelona this is an entertaining film that provides various very interesting food for thought, which, however, do not merge to the end and, in general, the viewer is never able to fully empathize with the characters, despite the excellent work of the actors, especially Mario Casas.
Bird box Barcelona Available July 14, 2023 on Netflix.

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