Bird flu alert: Chubut records highest number of dead sea lions at ‘more than 200’ – ADNSUR

Fernando Bersano, director of the Chubut Fauna and Flora, confirmed its registration More than 200 sea lion carcasses were found in different areas of the Chubut coast.

Therefore, it unfortunately becomes Argentina’s province with the highest number of dead wolvesThis comes amid several confirmed bird flu outbreaks. “For any situation, not just influenza, it’s impossible to specify because of limited sampling,” he said.

“Since the outbreak of the epidemic We must have 220 dead animals, SENASA takes samples and records positive results, we record the total number of deaths and only those with symptoms are considered positive,” he explained.

Bersano reports that the industries most affected are satin capeLast week, they found 90 sea lions there dead from bird flu; and around the Puntaloma area, 14 kilometers from Puerto Madryn.

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Some of the cases have been confirmed to be linked to avian influenza, but investigations are ongoing to determine what other factors may be involved.

Attention is also focused on the Punta Tombo penguin colony, which is home to up to 1 million penguins and will open to visitors next Friday. “There have been no reports of penguins arriving in the area,” Bersano clarified.

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In this case, he explained to Radio 3 that safety protocols would be in place when entering the protected area, but he warned that “if the flu spreads to the Tombo community, the situation will be very bad.”

The official confirmed that 20 dead penguins were found in the port of Piramides, but Bersano said the penguins were not related to bird flu.

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