Bird flu, how the situation continues in coastal areas of the province

Shocking since the state of emergency began Number of dead sea lions, 1,461 specimens in total Found on the coast of the province, Rio Negro Environment and Climate Change Secretariat, An updated situation report for the province was released.

Of this total, 811 sea lions are dedicated to Punta Bermeja, one of the most affected areas, The outbreak of avian influenza has put tremendous pressure on the reserve’s sea lion population.

According to official reports, only last week There are three lifeless sea lions on the coast, one of which belongs to the Punta Bermeja National Reserve, A downward trend compared to previous weeks.

After fifteen weeks of continuous monitoring, the total sample balance is One- and two-haired sea lions (Otaria flavescens and Arctocephalus australis) It was found lifeless off the coast of the province.

Currently, relevant departments and professional teams are coordinating efforts to focus on the recovery phase They are working on planning the opening of affected areas, a process that takes place and an ongoing evaluation of the “crisis committee.”

All walks of life and tourists, Urges cooperation in adhering to restrictions and protocols put in place to safeguard health Reduce sea lion populations and contribute to the restoration of coastal ecosystems.

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