Bird flu outbreak in Arkansas business community

Arkansasone of the major manufacturers chicken US reports first outbreak Avian Influenza in business groups poultry Within a year, the country saw a rebound in cases.

he outbreak The United States will expand export restrictions on U.S. poultry to major producing states as buyers restrict purchases in infected areas.

The disease infected a group of people 31,600 breeder chickensor young hens, used for meat production in Madison County, Arkansasthe U.S. government reported this week.

Arkansasthe third largest producer chicken bred as MeatThe last outbreak was in October 2022 at a commercial farm in the same county.

this Avian Influenza More than 60 million have been wiped out chicken, turkey and others birds It began spreading in the United States in 2022 and has spread to new parts of the world.

Cases tend to increase during spring and fall migrations of wild birds that spread the virus. Virusand culling infected poultry flocks to prevent the spread of the disease.

video: They slaughter birds and declare quarantine at Kajeme farm due to bird flu

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“We have taken immediate steps to contain this disease,” the agriculture minister announced ArkansasWes Ward.

Alabamathe second largest producer in the United States chicken for Meatwhich confirmed its first outbreak last week commercial farmout of a flock of 296,500 game birds, according to the U.S. government. Mexico, the largest export market for U.S. chicken, quickly blocked shipments of poultry from infected counties.

USA In October, the first case of avian influenza since April was confirmed at a commercial poultry farm. south dakota. MinnesotaNew outbreaks have also been reported in the U.S.’s largest turkey producer, as well as in Iowa.

this world organization for animal health Reported on Thursday, November 2 Mexico has notified its first outbreak Just a month after the country was declared free of the disease, here’s what’s happening on the farm this season.

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