Bird flu: sea lion buried off the coast of Playa Unión

Víctor Fratto, a graduate in environmental management, said as long as the body was more than one meter deep, “there would be no problem”. It should be remembered that viruses require a living organism to reproduce.

A video released Thursday showed a backhoe digging a well off the coast of Playa Union to bury a sea lion carcass.

These specimens may have been victims of avian influenza.

EL CHUBUT Digital consulted renowned graduates in the field of environmental management, Victor Frattoto verify whether this measure is safe and prevents new infections: “The protocol indicates that the burial sites are close together. As long as the animals are at depth greater than one meter, There won’t be any problems. Additionally, viruses require a living organism to reproduce. “.

Although he was not aware of the operation in Rosen, he said, puerto madryn As follows: “On a beach far from the city, he was buried nearby. That is, from the line The highest tide is upward, never downward.”

If it is a removable animal, place it in a red pathology waste bag and send it to bowl 20 kilometers away from the port town.

Video: ⁣Cadena Total Chubut

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