bizarre request from English fans

Katy Perry’s presence confirmed at Charles III’s coronation concert even though fans are making a very out-of-protocol request

Think of a song by Katy Perry. And they will probably come to your mind Fireworks, or Hot N Cold, rather than Roar (3.7 billion views)California Gurls or Teenage Dream. And instead…

Katy Perry and the song from a commercial

And instead the British fans of the superstar, in view of the coronation of Charles III and the concert in which the American singer will also be present, are asking for a song that is not exactly part of his repertoire. This is the commercial of the Just Eat… what also in Italy – but not with the voice of Katy Perry recites… Someone said Just Eat.

Actually the song is not a song from the repertoire of Katy Perry. But it was she who wrote it and came up with the idea for the video. It is a format that had to be included in her latest album. Then it was set aside and became perfect for the promotion of the delivery brand.

The producers of the advertisement liked it so much that they asked for an arrangement from the trusted musicians of Katy Perry who personally performs all the voices of the commercial including the ding ding of the choirs that the door bell evokes.

The matter has become public knowledge. To the point that Katy is among the trending questions on Google Will Perry sing the Just Eat song at the coronation?

An unexpected success

The song became very popular on social media and literally invaded TikTok with over 70 million views. The complete video of the advertisement, once the clearance was obtained, was also published on YouTube. It lasts almost three minutes and sees the pop star dressed in a very bizarre way with costumes that had made her famous at the time of her very first album.

In a sort of reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, Katy expresses his wishes for dinner: “sushi with a papaya salad, açai juice, spicy chicken and a margherita with extra cheese”.

The debate is open. One of his fans remarked with great irony… “It makes sense for Katy Perry to perform at the coronation of the king because her commercial and song Just Eat have had a greater cultural impact than the entire royal family combined.”

The other testimonial of the brand is Snoop Dogg who a few days ago in London performed his version of the promotional song.

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