Blackpink’s Lisa Faces Backlash After Her Mother Shares Scandalous Photo of Cabaret Performance | K-pop movie news

K-pop sensation Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban faced controversy when her mother Chittip Brushweiler, dared to share a provocative photo on Instagram. The photo shows Lisa among scantily clad dancers in the famous Parisian cabaret, crazy Horsewhere the 26-year-old dynamo etched her name into history as the first K-pop artiste to captivate audiences with her mesmerizing dance moves.
In a now-deleted Instagram post, Lisa donned a pink wig and struck a pose in the daring outfit, prompting a wave of criticism from online critics. Accusations of promoting nudity and objectifying women have swept Chittip and Blackpink star. One Instagram user even called for Lisa to quit the K-pop world, claiming it would tarnish her image as a role model for impressionable teenage fans.

In the midst of this digital storm, Lisa’s devoted followers and prominent figures including Thai actress Diana Phlipo and TV presenter Vuthithorn “Woody” Milinthahinda have rallied in support of the mother-daughter duo, urging them to brush off the negativity. One of the supporting users wrote: “You are the best mother who is always there for Lisa. Don’t worry about anything; We will always love and support Lisa.” Others criticized critics for imposing their morality on artistic freedom.

Stoking the flames, Lisa’s critics questioned the morality of her Crazy Horse performance, prompting a heated response from fans defending her right to artistic expression. An avid fan responded, “Y’all calling her names just because she dances. Do you even have a life? She does what she wants; why do you have to be so rude and judge people?”
In a surprising turn of events, Lisa’s daring performance at the burlesque club did not include toplessness, setting her performance apart from the establishment’s usual offerings. Meanwhile, rumors swirled about Lisa’s alleged affair with Louis Vuitton heir Frédéric Arnault, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding story. The 28-year-old scion, the third son of billionaire Bernard Arnault, the world’s second richest man and founder of the LVMH fashion empire, is also CEO of luxury watch brand TAG Heuer.
As Lisa continues to push the boundaries of the global entertainment industry, her journey goes beyond mere spectacle. It has become a platform where social norms collide with the evolving narrative of freedom and self-expression, proving that this K-pop sensation is more than just a musical powerhouse—she’s a symbol of empowerment and change.

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