BLACKPINK’s Lisa makes her Parisian cabaret debut: K-pop idol with show at ‘Crazy Horse’ | When will your presentations be? | Blackpink

Lisa will be the first to appear in Crazy Horse Paris. Photo: Composición LR/Lalalalisa_M

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently announced her debut in one of Europe’s most exclusive cabarets. Crazy Horse Paris. After the available show features are revealed, the entry window will be closed in the following areas. This new project of the “Money” actress has generated a lot of praise and negative comments regarding the style of the dancer and the clothes implemented in the script. Continue reading this post to learn more about your next presentation.

On what day will Lisa perform at the Crazy Horse in Paris?

Having gone to Paris, Lisa realized five performances at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris on September 28, 29 and 30.. The Thai actress, via her social media, invited her fans to attend the event as follows: “Come and find out how Lisa turned into ‘Crazy Girl’ by interpreting original numbers from Crazy Horse Paris, including the classic ‘But I’m Good.’ The girl and the crisis? ¿¡What crisis?!’”

How did Lisa’s participation in Crazy Horse Paris come about?

Lisa’s fans recently shared a recent interview with Andre Deissemberg, CEO of Crazy Horse Cabaret Creation and Brands, with ELLE France magazine. From that conversation it is clear how the idol’s participation in one of the most popular cabarets was formalized.

“Lisa is a Crazy Horse fan. She walked several times, leaving the stage to meet the girls after the performance to get to know them (…) She thought it would be a good idea. And I tried, sometimes the stars aligned. She said that she is very good at it, she is a great professional (…) I have been living in Paris for some time. We knew everything in secret, especially when she was at the concert at the Stade de France (in July). The idea was to place it on a local dancer’s foot from A to Z, from the beginning to the end of the show. This was my dream and I found this idea very interesting because it changes us. (…) We choose different scenes, including the beginning and ending, as well as various solo performances,” said André Deissenberg.

Lisa is preparing for her presentation at the Crazy Horse in Paris. Photo: Composición LR/Lalalalisa_M

Will Lisa come to Paris?

Lisa will stay in Paris for one day, this is due to her agenda to complete the presentation of the shows planned at the Crazy Horse cabaret and then attend some fashion events taking place. Up to this point, all decisions about her new projects had been made by her, so her contract with YG expired for one week.

This is how Lisa made her debut in cabaret

A popular Thai girl wore a pink teddy dress for her cabaret debut. Even though films were banned, she shared photos of herself in a new look.

Lisa makes her cabaret debut. Photo: photo from Instagram

How did they present themselves at Crazy Horse Paris?

Currently, Lisa is the first K-pop idol to present herself at this venue, where artists such as Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson, Cher, Christina Aguilera and others have performed. Additionally, you took on the popular music video “Partition” (2013) by Beyoncé.

Please be aware that grabs are completely prohibited at Crazy Horse Paris as they consist of semi-naked exotic bailarines. However, we hope that the idol will have unique performances.

Jenny goes to Paris to support Lisa

Singer Jennie discovered her activities in South Korea by traveling to Paris, France and seeing how her BLACKPINK co-star Lisa was living there. Reporters’ cameras filmed her at the airport, and she kindly greeted fans. Jennis can attend Lisa’s last performance at the prestigious Crazy Horse cabaret.

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