Blackpink’s Lisa stuns Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse

PARIS – K-pop sensation Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban, Thai singer and rapper Blackpink, stunned with her debut performance at the iconic Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse.

Despite only appearing five times in short segments totaling no more than 10 minutes, the 26-year-old’s performance from last Thursday to Saturday delighted many of her fans.

A photo of Lisa wearing a pink wig and black costume, posing with other Crazy Horse dancers, has gone viral on social media. Although she participated in striptease, Lisa continued to remain at the top.

According to Bangkok’s MET 107 FM radio DJ Fatithar “Poopy” Kantamara, who attended the first of five sold-out shows, the cabaret performances were entertaining thanks to the sexy moves of Lisa and the other dancers.

Fatithar said she met two other Blackpink members, Rose and Jisoo, who were there to support Lisa.

Other celebrities she spotted that evening included American actor Austin Butler and his girlfriend, American model-actress Kaia Jordan Gerber, and Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía, who shared a photo she took with Lisa, Rose, on Instagram and Jisoo.

The show was also watched by Lisa’s rumored billionaire boyfriend Frédéric Arnault, the 28-year-old CEO of Tag Heuer, who appeared with his parents and younger brother.

Jennie, the fourth member of Blackpink, attended the final show.

Meanwhile, Lisa Chittip Bruschweiler’s mother allegedly deactivated her Instagram account due to criticism of her daughter’s association with a Parisian cabaret.

Undeterred, Ms. Bruschweiler was a guest of the Crazy Horse in Paris. She later told Thai TV presenter Woody Vuthithorn Milintachinda that she expected her daughter’s performance to be much sexier. NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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