Blake Shelton isn’t all the voice missing from two episodes of Season 24

Beware, spoilers! This article is about the second night of the Blind Auditions. VoiceSeason 24 aired on September 26.

We’ve officially released two episodes mail-Blake Shelton was from Voiceand I know how Reba McEntire and the rest of the coaches seem to be able to survive without him. Of course, Season 24 lacks the boldness that Cowboy brought, but overall we’ve already seen amazing talent and plenty of four-chair twists. However, there is one thing that I noticed was missing in the first week of the blind auditions, and I’m not talking about Shelton. I’m talking about Blocks.

That’s right, after two nights and 20 auditions, neither coach stopped the other from working with one of the singers, something that has never happened before since the Blocks were introduced to the show in season 14. first night of blind auditions came and went, I thought maybe Voice got rid of blocks (something I’ve been hoping they would do for a long time). However, Gwen Stefani advised Rebbe McEntire at the start of Tuesday’s episode that “any time you can block someone, block (John Legend)” so I guess they’re still in the game.

Reba McEntire didn’t take the No Doubt singer’s advice, but next week’s preview teased a new rivalry between John Legend and Niall Horanwhich seems to show EGOT winner be blocked Weather in a broken heart artist.

It’s hard to know whether this is true or not Blake SheltonThe absence had nothing to do with no one using their Block so early in the competition because it had literally never happened before. In each of the show’s 10 previous seasons, the first episode of “Blind Auditions” saw at least one coach blocked by another. Before Season 24, the longest time it had ever taken to see Block was in Season 19, when John Legend blocked Kelly Clarkson on the final artist of the first night.

Last season, Blake Shelton even used his Block on Chemistry artist right out of the gate at the very first blind audition to challenge their ongoing rivalry, and I was really expecting someone to take the same approach to Rebbe McEntire as an initiation of sorts!

However, I’m not disappointed that the blocks weren’t used. I feel like the artists work so hard to get on stage in front of Voicesuperstar coaches that they should be able to choose whoever they want from those who approach them, without that opportunity being taken away by another coach. Hitting a block has also been known to sometimes backfire when the artist decides to go with someone other than the trainer who used the block.

We’ll have to see how this all plays out because it definitely looks like Blocks will be back when the Blind Auditions continue in Season 24. Voice at 8:00 pm ET next Monday, October 2 on NBC. In the meantime, check out our TV schedule for 2023 to find out what premieres will take place in the near future.

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