Blueface teases man he shot for taking selfie with rapper

Shooting victim Blueface took a moment to take a selfie with the rapper while they were in court, and the rapper later criticized him for it.

Blueface mocks man he shot for taking selfie with rapper in court

Blueface appeared in court Monday (October 2) to be sentenced for the 2022 Las Vegas strip club shooting. His victim, Kentabius Traylor, was also in court. Moments before Blueface’s sentence was read, Traylor pulled out his phone and quickly took a photo of himself with Blueface and the rapper’s legal team in the background. When the selfie was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Blueface quickly teased Traylor for the act.

“This man came to court and told me to just take a picture with me,” Blue wrote on X.

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Blueface received suspended sentence for shooting

Blueface appeared in court Monday to be sentenced after pleading guilty over the summer for his involvement in the Oct. 8, 2022, shooting in Las Vegas. The judge sentenced Blue, real name Jonathan Jamall Porter, to 24 to 60 years probation. months for a crime.

A suspended sentence is not the same as imprisonment. Instead, it is a legal agreement under which a person found guilty of a crime is not yet sentenced to prison. However, defendants will be ordered to serve a suspended sentence if they commit another crime within a certain period of time or violate the judge’s mandate.

In the Blueface case, the judge said he should not be seen around anyone with a firearm. He is also not allowed to visit strip clubs in downtown Las Vegas.

“He can only be in these areas if he has an application for work or some legal basis for being there and not for hanging out,” the judge added.

Blueface also cannot communicate with the shooting victim or his family, and cannot drink or smoke while on probation.

Blueface’s lawyer Christina Wildeveld later released a statement to XXL about the outcome of the case.

“This morning, Mr. Porter was sentenced to probation for a maximum of three years and has the opportunity to receive a reduction to the serious misdemeanor charge upon successful completion of probation,” Wildeveld said. “Ultimately, he’s just looking forward to focusing on his music career again and moving forward with his life.”

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Watch Blueface clownish a selfie of his shooting victim below.

See selfie of Blueface shooting victim

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