“Blues” by Ed Sheeran

Por Edward Christopher Sheeran’s Veins (Halifax, Reynaud Unido, 1991) are blood blue. English singer from Suffolk, These musical hits – Shape of you, The A Team, Thinking out Loud, Sing, Bad Habits… – are spread all over the world. Inspiring thousands of fans, he has a childhood passion: Ipswich Town.

“After the game I changed my clothes, which was very nice. The players didn’t know this,” admitted Kieran McKenna. The coach described what happened at the entrance to Portman Road: “They sang a beautiful song together. It was a moment that everyone, players and staff, enjoyed.. And that’s an important part of the club and we value it.”

The perfect love story between Ed Sheeran and Ipswich Town.

Sheeran, who has scored four Grammys among others, took a break from his time playing for the United States and lifted himself from a 3-0 Tractor Drivers triumph in Hull to take his place at the top of the table. Championship (English Segunda). Including the coffins of Sir Alf Ramsey.. Every time you return home, the young singer sees you in the blue of Ipswich Town.

Ipswich Town and its community mean a lot to me and I always look forward to going to the stadium when I go to Suffolk.

Ed Sheeran (singer)

“The club and community mean a lot to me and I always intend to go to Portman Road when I return to Suffolk,” explained Sheeran, who has sponsored the men’s and women’s team shirts for three years. “This is a way to demonstrate my commitment“, noted the singer.

“And this was encapsulated in the third team’s design, inspired by his album Equals. It’s fantastic when someone from home becomes a world champion. You support a team in your community, sponsor your jersey and be part of your future. We threw on a rubber band and took it on the first night of his Wembley concert. This is incredible. And he’s a huge Ipswich Town fan and a huge supporter,” chief executive Mark Ashton said on Sky.

The team sold £35,000 worth of T-shirts! time passed in League One (third season)… and Sheeran became one of the reasons for its commercial success. “He was always proud of his roots, as evidenced by his song Castle on the Hill, which has been described as a love card to Suffolk.. He grew up as an Ipswich Town fan and decided to patronize the shirt with his spins. You don’t need this exposure, you do it just to show it off,” explains Stuart Watson, journalist for the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star, Primera Plana.

Watson appreciates the paper in the club: “Keeping one of the most famous singers in the world under cover is a godsend for Ipswich Town.. Perhaps thanks to him, the team gained fans all over the planet. And local subscribers are proud of your participation. Money can’t buy money from Ed.”

It’s great when someone from home becomes a global superstar who joins the team and is part of their future.

Mark Ashton (Ipswich chief executive)

In 2021, Sheeran realized one of his dreams: Ipswich Town played a 17th match. “When I said that, I thought they were bromeandos. This idea fascinates me. I hope you are a testimony. We’re here and it won’t happen if you play” muttered the Framlingham-raised musician.

Cars with number 17 at the Portman Road concert. Let’s talk to the manager and agree to offer her the back.. This is our way of showing her our strength,” Ashton said. After all, when they reached the Championship in the past, Sheeran received a medal, like the rest of the players. Number one.

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