Box office: The Nun 2 beats Oppenheimer

Nun 2

Chapter two Nundirector Michael Chavezninth film in the series Spellrose to the top of yesterday’s box office rankings with 47,005 receiptsdefeating the epic juggernaut Nolan, Oppenheimercurrently showing in over 500 cinemas, dropping to second place. I’m the captainThe Silver Lion of the Venice Film Festival maintains third position.

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Even the action Equalizer 3 – No respite retains fourth place, and the Japanese animated film enters the rankings, Invisible castle, in theaters September 1 and ranked fifth. Next in sixth place is a Frenchman wearing suits and starring. Maiwenn near Johnny Depp, Jeanne DuBarry – The King’s Favorite.

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Document about the eternal figure of the singer Enzo Iannacci beats Barbie and ranks seventh with about 900 more viewers than the film with Margot Robbie, eighth. Turtles and ghosts close the ranking. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem in ninth position e Frequently visited house in the tenth.

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Below is the full rating provided by

  1. NUN 2: €344,054 (entries 47,005), total. 3,404,438 euros
  2. OPPENHEIMER: 285,845 euros (36,914 entrance tickets), total. 22,813,463 euros
  3. I AM CAPTAIN: €60,109 (entries 9,462), total. 435,978 euros
  4. EQUALIZER 3 – WITHOUT TRUE: €36,566 (5,328 entries), total. 1,520,506 euros
  5. INVISIBLE CASTLE: 35,574 euros (4,142 tickets), total. 35,594 euros
  6. JEANNE DUBARRY – THE KING’S FAVORITE (JEAN DU BARRY): 34,138 euros (entrance fees 5,413), total. 1,129,732 euros
  7. ENZO GIANNACCI – I WILL COME TOO: €32,248 (4,919 bids), total. 32,248 euros
  8. BARBIE: €27,885 (4,085 entries), total. 31,625,388 euros
  9. NINJA TURTLES: MUTANT CHAOS (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: MUTANT MAYHEM): €25,434 (entrance fees 4,140), total. 1,250,329 euros
  10. GHOST HOUSE (Haunted Mansion): €17,359 (entries 2,661), total. 2,361,816 euros

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