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Southern France, June 2007. A twin-engine helicopter views wonders from above estates of Provence. On board, together with the pilot and real estate consultants are Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolieintends to buy “european base” for their family, a place where their children “could run freely, away from the spotlights Hollywood“. After a dozen visits, the castle captures their attention Miraval and from his huge vineyard, located in the valley, an hour’s drive east of Aix-en-Provenceoutside the village current.

Where for five generations one Italian noble family he produced wine and then sold the property in 1972 to a jazzman Jacques Loussier who turned the old water tower into sound recording studio capable of attracting world stars: I Pink Floyd, just for example, they recorded part of the cult album in Miraval Wall. In 1992 a new hand overwith the arrival of an American engineer Tom Bove: it was he who, on that early summer day, saw the earth in front of him two movie stars.

“Today about them many people read“says the former owner. Vanity Fair America“but they were a really cute couple, in love with each other“. Yes, and in Miraval too, it was love at first sight: “We moved the tables to the garden and we had lunch togetherseemed like they wanted to buy it immediately.” May 8, 2008 purchase for 25 million euros: “Angelina’s consultants suggested adding reservation establish that in the event of the separation of the spouse, each will have the right to buy share of another“, the report says.

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Pitt allegedly refused, saying that it wasn’t necessarybut later claimed that he and his ex-wife made a pact, agreeing to “Never sell each other’s interests in Miraval without the consent of the other.” An arrangement that Jolie’s team thought he “would never have existed”. On this, according to the report of Dr.Vanity Fair Americawill turn divorce Brangelinastill unfinished, which is why many define “war of the roses main wine produced on the estate and exported worldwide with a partner Perrine.

After all, in February 2021, Brad would have tried to buy 50% Angelina for “$54.5 million”, thereby dissolving partnerships. But after she filed sealed document about the plane crash, he will ask her to sign non-disclosure agreement forbid her “to discuss outside the court personal behavior pitt against him towards family“. A request that Jolie herself would call “an unreasonable joke”, effectively skipping the transaction.

Pitt just wanted to “make sure the salesperson did not damage the value of the property after payment. The problem is that after a few months October 5, 2021so the actress would sell “secretly» part of it Stoli Group for “67 million dollars”. The actions of Pitt’s attorney, as stated in the documents reported by daily mailmark as “illegal“, precisely on the basis of this obligation “mutual and binding“. Further description of such behavior as “revengeful”, right during a heated dispute over child custody.

in short i conditional there are many, I question marks and questions requiring clarification. One thing seems certain today: The Rose War continues.

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