Brad Pitt and Mauro Corona with Misurina. The Hollywood star rides a motorcycle in the Dolomites.

What are Mauro Corona and Brad Pitt doing together? They climb mountains. Long story short, it’s not like they literally climbed them, but they definitely ended up in the mountains of the Northeast, hence…




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What do they do together Mauro Corona AND Brad Pitt? They climb mountains. In short, it’s not like they literally climbed them, but they certainly ended up in the mountains of the North East, hence the photo taken in Misurin that you see on the cover, posted directly on our mountaineering writer’s Facebook profile. Meeting? Quite a coincidence: apparently Brad was having a nice motorbike ride when he felt a little hungry and decided to stay at the Queen’s Hotel, right on the lake, and while he was there enjoying a piece of cake, he met our Highlander Corona.

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But the question remains: what is Brad Pitt doing in our area? Well, the actor will wander between Alto Adige (immodesty for fans: it seems he was staying at the Palace Hotel in Merano) and the province of Belluno, in particular his arrival could be associated with a very specific anniversary: ​​the opening 32 years ago, in 1991, Ötzi. But what does a movie star care about a mummy? If you’re wondering, you’re not a hardcore fan, or else you’ll know that Brad has a very specific tattoo on his arm: it’s precisely the silhouette of the Similawn man known to his friends as “Ötzi.”

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