Brad Pitt, the villa just sold was not the most expensive | Here is the list of his properties, mind-boggling figures

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is so much wealth. But Brad Pitt also proves to be an excellent speculator

When you’re talking about an actor of his stature, who has won awards, racked up accolades, and grossed millions upon millions of dollars, we shouldn’t be surprised by his massive holdings. But Brad Pitt’s real estate is something that truly exceeds any imagination.

Brad Pitt’s career – Photo Ansa –

Yet, the career of Brad Pitt speak for him. And it is surprising that he even had to wait until 2019 to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “Once upon a time in… Hollywood”. We already remember him from the very early 90s as a young Gascon in “Thelma & Louise”.

Throughout that decade he starred in some of the most successful films of the period: “Interview with the Vampire” (1994), “Seven” (1995), “Sleepers” (1996), “Meet Joe Black” (1998), “Fight club” (1999). As you can see, he plays with some of the greatest directors: from Ridley to Tony Scott, passing through David Fincher.

A career continued profitably also in the new millennium: “Spy game” (2001), “Troy” (2004), “The curious case of Benjamin Button” (2008), “Fury” (2014) and the recent ones (both 2022) ” Bullet train” and “Babylon”.

Finally, the saga starring the thief Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, should be mentioned. And the fact that, in recent years, he has formed a great partnership with Quentin Tarantino, acting, as well as in the aforementioned “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, also in “Inglourious Basterds” (2009).

The boundless properties of Brad Pitt

And, then, we said, it shouldn’t be surprising that such an actor could have important possessions. But Brad Pitt really went overboard. His passion for design and beautiful homes has led him to pile real estate upon real estate. Recently, we know that has sold a very luxurious villa in Los Angelesbecause convinced it was haunted. Purchased for 1.7 million dollars, it has sold for 40 in recent weeks. It won’t be our Brad’s only deal…

The castle in France the subject of dispute after the separation between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Photo Ansa –

He recently purchased a 100-year-old coastal estate in Carmel, California for $40 million. This last “humble abode” was built along the California coast in 1918 and sits on a bluff overlooking the water. Designed by legendary architectural firm Greene and Greene, the home is constructed with locally sourced granite and sandstone and appears to be built into solid rock. It features a Mediterranean-style roof and arched windows.

Beautiful houses and women. Over 20 years ago, while still dating Jennifer Aniston, he bought a beautiful home along the coast in Santa Barbara County. About four million dollars. He would have continued to use it even in the years of union with Angelina Jolie. While they were married, Aniston and Pitt bought a magnificent mansion in Beverly Hills for 12.5 million dollars. Renovating, they’d graced it with marble floors in the kitchen, a screening room, and a pub lounge with wooden floors imported from a 200-year-old French chateau. After the separation they sold it for 56 million dollars.

An excellent real estate speculator. He actually bought it a mansion in New Orleans in 2006 for $3.5 million and sold it for nearly 5 ten years later. Five years earlier, in 2011, she had collected 12 to sell hers villa in Malibu.

Pitt also owns a French castle, purchased in 2008 for approximately $60 million. Located in the south of France, it is said to have multiple cottages, a recording studio, a chapel, indoor and outdoor pools, a gym and spa, and a screening room. Good French wine is also produced there. Obviously, she was at the center of the legal tussle after the separation of the “Brangelina”.

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