Brad Pitt’s Incredible Gift Given to Jennifer Aniston Offers Memories

When Brad Pitt AND Jennifer Aniston splitting in 2005, the news so shocked millions of fans around the world that it gave rise to real factions, among which Team AnistonAND team Joliesince the divorce occurred after Brad met Angelina Jolie and fell madly in love with her. Everyone knows how their relationship ended with quarrels and stamps in papers, but the other one, with Aniston, whom everyone dreamed of, now seems destined to return to the spotlight.

The first signs of rapprochement, before everyone’s eyes, appeared during SAG Awards 2020, when they not only hugged on stage, but were also photographed backstage happy and smiling. But now the backstory that led to such “closeness” of the cameras is being revealed. Encouraging news came from Mirrorwell aware of the life of the star, who stated that the actor, for his ex-wife’s 50th birthday, therefore 4 years ago gave her the villa where they lived at the time of their wedding, worth $79 million.

Brad never forgot Jennifer

Still a gossip site, it reported rumors that Brad still had a soft spot for Jennifer, and this certainly unusual gift would be a way for him to reconcile with her, even on a sentimental level. If you then look at the timing in which it was done, the coincidences actually seem like a well-thought-out plan. Aniston separated from her ex-husband in 2018. Justin Theroux and a few months later, Brad did everything to buy the villa in Beverly Hills, where they lived for five years of marriage, and then gave it to her.

The story of their love nest

After the separation, the family home was put up for sale and Aniston made money from it: “The biggest pain of divorce and my biggest regret is that I wasn’t able to buy it at the time.Instead, Brad took care of everything and, during the celebration of his ex’s 50th birthday, gave her a house, the value of which for Aniston was primarily emotional, but, all things considered, it was still a gift worth $79 million. , of course, not a penny.


The house was designed in the 1930s by the architect Wallace Neffthe chief architect of the Hollywood elite, the main actors of the time, Frederic March AND Florence Eldridge. After purchasing it, Brad and Jennifer spent nearly three years renovating it, adding heated marble floors and a movie room. The last owner of this approximately 5,000 m2 property was an investor who also added his own personal touch, adding a huge dining room, bar with fireplace, large open kitchen and living room overlooking the pool.

The current relationship between the two

Despite the pharaonic villa, currently there seems to be only great friendship between them, as both have admitted in various interviews. Brad is currently still caught up in his devastating divorce from Angelina Jolie, while a “lighter” Aniston was recently spotted out and about Gabriel Aubry, a 44-year-old model of shocking beauty. “Jennifer – friends say – He doesn’t need a serious relationship right now. He gets along great with friends and his dogs“, and there are those who even went so far as to say that Pitt approved of her choice as the good friend that he is to her. But fans continue to hope, and who knows if they will be right in the end.

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