Bradley Cooper plays supporting role in Tom Brady and Irina Shayk’s relationship

tom brady and Irina Shayk They spent time together in the United States and across the ocean. Despite rumors of a romantic relationship, a source tells ET Bradley Cooper, Shayk’s ex-partner and father of his 6-year-old daughter has no problem with their close relationship.

“They are close and both love and prioritize their daughters,” the source said. “Bradley is not affected by Irina’s dating life. He is a happy man and wants her to be happy. Tom is not It’s troublesome because of Irina and Bradley’s close relationship, and there’s no threat there.”

As for Brady’s former partner, Gisele BundchenA source previously told ET that she is focused on co-parenting and maintaining a positive environment for everyone. Brady and Bundchen have two children, and he also has a 16-year-old son with his ex-husband. Brigitte Moina.

Despite the rumors, neither party Brady and Shayk commented on their relationship status. However, they were spotted together at Brady’s Tribeca apartment earlier this month after Shayk attended. Michael Kors fashion show.

Witnesses said Shake arrived first and waited in his chauffeured SUV for about 20 minutes before Brady arrived and entered the building. After a few minutes, Shayk followed suit, and the couple spent the entire afternoon inside.

Rumors continue to circulate

The outing comes after the pair spent time together at a luxury London hotel early last month.While the rumors continue to circulate, it seems those closest to them Shayk and Brady Support their well-being, whether as a friend or otherwise.

“They both wish each other happiness,” a source told ET. “Bradley and Irina have a good, healthy co-parenting relationship.” As for Cooper’s take on the matter? “Tom is not concerned about Irina and Bradley’s close relationship and there is no threat there.”

Overall, it seemed like everyone involved was focused on maintaining a positive relationship and supporting each other’s well-being. While rumors will likely continue to circulate, only time will tell what the future holds for Shayk and Brady.

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